Title I Newsletter

January 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's new year is off to a GREAT start! We have hit the ground running at Arab Primary School. In this newsletter I have shared several ways to help your child become a better reader. Hopefully it will be helpful!


Literacy involves more than reading – it is about reading, writing, speaking and listening. The National Reading Panel has identified five areas that children need to be skillful in to become good readers:

1. Phonemic Awareness

The ability to focus on and use phonemes (the smallest units of spoken language) in spoken words. The English language has 41 phonemes which combine to form syllables and words. Some words have only one phoneme (a or oh). Most words consist of a blend of phonemes, such as go with two (g and o), or check with three phonemes (ch e ck).

2. Phonics

Learning the alphabetic system or letter-sound relations and spelling patterns.

3. Fluency

Reading text with speed, accuracy, and proper expression

4. Comprehension

The goal of reading, that integrates the skills involved with reading and understanding what is being read.

5. Vocabulary

Knowing and understanding the words one is reading.

Take time to read, Become A Read Aloud 15 Minutes Partner, article. This could really make a difference in your child's reading.


If your child doesn't want to read try these strategies:

Read a page or a line and then have the child read.

Select a funny book or one with a surprise at the end.

Let the child select a book.

If the child says the book is too easy (a “baby” book)

· Ask the child to read it with “expression” so he can read it to a younger child.

If the child says the book is too hard

· Choose a different book · Go down a level to an easier book.

Read a short passage and have the child reread that passage.

Read the beginning and have the child fill in some of the words, then gradually let him/her take over.

Comes to an unknown word and stops - Pause to give the child time to think, then say:

- Read to the end and then come back to this word.

- What sound does the word begin with?

- What sound comes next?

- What would make sense here?

- Do you see a pattern or small word? (Frame it with your fingers.) For xample: kick(ing) or become (be)(come).

Gets restless or squirmy ·

· Choose another book.

· Stand up and stretch with your child.

· Finish reading the book to your child.