iPads In The Classroom

Discussion of iPads' importance in the modern classroom

There's an App for That!

iPads have revolutionized the classroom by take a bunch of school supplies and combining them in one place. When I went to school, I received a list of supplies for the specific year. It was implied that we come to school on the first day with all these supplies. This list normally included calculators, pens, pencils, paper, crayons, paint, binders, notebooks, etc. Now with the iPad, people combine all these supplies into one little piece of technology. On Kathy Schrocks blog page App for That, she provides apps for every aspect of Blooms Levels of Taxonomy. It is a great resource to find apps that fit every need of your classroom!

Sesame Street: Song: There's An App For That

It will save you money!

An iPad has many features that are the same as a laptop or computer. An iPad has many apps that allow for word processing, powerpoint presentations, and excel sheets. Plus it has internet accessibility and email options. The iPad is also a much smaller version. It is easier to carry around and much more compact. The iPad starting price is approximately $500, while a laptop might start well over $2,000 dollars. When choosing between an iPad or laptop, I would definitely go for the the iPad instead of the laptop. It is an economically pleasing decision.

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Textbooks...a thing of the past?

With an iPad classrooms and the education system can move to a more paperless system. They will no longer need textbooks and paper. The many apps available on the iPad can allow for an environment without paper. For example, in a science classroom students might run virtual experiments, make graphs, write up lab reports, and make presentations based on the results all on their experiments. The many apps available might make textbooks as we know them, a thing of the past.

Anymore questions? Or want to look more in depth?

Here are some other links to help you on your quest for knowledge surrounding the iPad.

At the site iPadIdeas there are many great resources for a teacher using iPads in his or her classroom. On this site teachers will find a very comprehensive list on the many educational apps available. The site also provides lesson plan ideas using these educational apps. While these lesson plans are just starting points, it gives the teacher many different ways to use the app and allows them to find new ways to view and use the iPads in their own classroom. This is a great website or tool for any educator.

On the actual apple site, apple goes into full detail on how an iPad can be used in a classroom. One of the very interesting apps for the classroom that would apply much more to high school and more upper level educators is the iPad U app. This app allows for the entire class to be posted. It is a free app where instructors can post lectures, videos, assignments, syllabi, etc. Anything you need for your course or the "paperwork" of the course can be listed here. The teacher can also interact with the students and message updates or changes to assignments that all the students enrolled in the class can see. It would be a great app to have for any classroom!

Another great resource is the IT Solutions Blog. The article titled 8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education. On this website the eight studies are summarized and the research is presented in an easy way to understand. This is a great site that has the proof that having iPads in classrooms is actually helping our education system.

A lot of the above information in the flyer I received from the Discovery Channel. This site provides a list of top 10 reasons iPads should exist in the classroom. I only used a few reasons, so if you are curious as to the other reasons the above link should take you to the website to explore for yourself.

If those ten reasons were not enough here is a list of five more reasons the iPad will remain the King of the Classroom. These reasons are more broad and envelop everything touched already on this flyer. These reasons will strengthen the argument to use iPads in the classroom.

One final resource would be to look at these videos that are using iPads in their classrooms already and see how successful the classrooms are as a result of the iPad!

iPads In The Classroom
iPads in the Classroom
Transforming the Classroom with iPads