Competency Based Learning

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What is Competency Based Learning?

Competency-Based Learning refers to systems of instruction, assessment grading and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating that they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education. In public schools, competency-based systems use state learning standards to determine academic expectations and define "competency" or proficiency in a given course, subject area, or grade level. The general goal of competency-base learning is to ensure the students are acquiring the knowledge and skills that are deemed to be essential to success in school, high education, careers, and adult life. If students fail to meet expected learning standards, they typically receive additional instruction, practice time, and academic support to help them achieve competency or meet the expected standards.

Competency Education

Competencies are defined by explicit learning objectives that empower students. Students receive timely, differentiated support, and they advance by demonstrating evidence with meaningful assessments via mastery, not seat time. (iNacol)

You can find Henry County's Competencies here: as well as Henry County's academic pages.

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Competency Based Learning in a Nutshell