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August 30, 2022
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~Let's Talk Safety~

Dear Alamos Families,

As you know, there is hardly a day that goes by that we do not hear, see or read about a tragedy, catastrophe, or natural disaster. I'm sure that such events may cause us to pause and wonder... what if? What if it was our town, our community, or our school that becomes the origin of such calamity? Of course, the questions that logically come next are whether there is a safety plan in place and do our children know what to do in the event of an emergency at school. The answer is a confident yes! As a school leader, I shoulder the responsibility for the care and safety of everyone on campus. Please be reassured that the AES site team works closely with our district office to ensure that safety plans, protocols, drills, and mandates are taught, practiced, and followed with fidelity.

Over the next several weeks, all students will be learning about school safety. Specifically, your child will learn the four types of school emergencies and the standard response and practice protocol for each. The emergency response includes, Lock Out, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter in Place. Each response is introduced and explained to students in appropriate, child-friendly language. Our teachers and staff are trained to review protocols in a calm and reassuring way, ensuring that students are not made to feel frightened, worried, or nervous about the content. Schoolwide emergency protocol responses are practiced often so that our students and staff are well prepared in the event of a true emergency.

Student safety is not just limited to emergencies or natural disasters. We can all help to keep our students and staff in a safe and friendly environment when we work together to follow the rules and policies while on campus. Whether you are in our parking lot, visiting our classrooms, or enjoying one of our many Friday Flag Salute assemblies, please be kind and courteous and follow the directives of school personnel at all times. Additionally, if you notice any kind of suspicious or unusual activity while on our campus, alert a staff member immediately!

Did you know that our students are learning how to be safe, respectful, and responsible? Please ask your student about the BUILD Me Up Assembly that they participated in during the first few weeks of school. Our students learned Universal Behavior Expectations and when implemented appropriately, help to ensure a safe and caring school community for everyone. Students are learning to "Ask" before they "ACT." They are learning to ask themselves before they act if what they are about to do is safe, responsible, and respectful. The Universal expectations are applicable anywhere on our campus.

Please note that beginning, Friday, September 16th, all visitors coming to our Friday Flag Salute Assembly, must check in at the front office using the RAPTOR system. So, please plan ahead! Although we know this extra step may be inconvenient, it is one more step to ensure a safe and secure campus. Thank you for your support.


Jenniffer Aynesworth, Principal

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Social Emotional Learning

The SEL theme of the month is Skills For Learning. Students will be learning about the skills they need for learning such as organization, time management, staying focused, school rules, and expectations. This will be taught in a variety of ways, including in class, at Friday Flag assemblies, in the friendship room, and you can choose to use it at home. With consistency at school and at home students will be able to learn these skills more successfully. Please watch this short 2.5-minute video on ways you can help your children learn these valuable skills at home. Thank you for partnering with us!

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iPad Insurance

Dear Alamos Families,

Next week is device health check-ups during library class visits. Students will bring their iPads to the library to make sure everything is up and running properly. This is also a great time to purchase iPad insurance if you haven't done so already.

To purchase insurance please have your students bring the exact change or check made out to TVUSD for $20.00. During their library class time, their iPad will be inspected and a receipt will be made for your student. A sticky note and or a baggy with your student's name will help tremendously when processing receipts. Receipts will be placed in their teacher's mailboxes as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Deborah McManus

Device Insurance Link

New AES students, if you are interested in purchasing iPad insurance ($20 for the year) please use this link to purchase insurance online by 9/5. Otherwise, devices will need inspection and insurance will purchased at the site.

Please No Stickers on iPad

Students & Parents,

We know it's fun to personalize your iPad with stickers but they are very difficult to remove and the iPad will be given to another student at some point. Therefore we ask that students Do Not put stickers on the iPad or the iPad cover.

Thank You!

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AES Parking Lot Do's and Dont's

1. Pull all the way forward! This keeps the flow of traffic moving. Our AES and Ambassadors staff are available to help your children exit/enter your vehicle and direct them to the gate.

2. Please remain in your vehicle when you enter the loop and use the lane closest to the curb when picking up and dropping off students. Please utilize the second lane if you wish to drive through to our parking area. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING IN THE DRIVE THROUGH LOOP.

3. Please be calm and courteous while on our campus. You are setting an example for your child and a little patience will help to ensure everyone's safety.

4. Please do not encourage your children to cross unsafely or go into traffic illegally! It puts our children in danger.

5. Be sure to have your student cross the street or parking lot in the crosswalk only, whether they are with you or not.

6. Adhere to school zone speed limits at all times.

7. For the safety of our students, please do not use your cell phone when driving in our loop. Remember, using a cell phone while driving, is against the law.

8. Encourage your child to be aware and alert during pick-up so that when they see your car, they can quickly get in the vehicle and buckle up.

9. Staff members are on duty to ensure the safety of ALL students. Please know that they are following school and district guidelines during dismissal. It is essential that you are respectful of staff while in the performance of their duties and that you follow their directives.

Thank you for your courtesy and consideration as we work together to help ensure the safety of all our students, staff, and families. We appreciate you!

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Important Links & Information

Parent Volunteers

This link will take you to the District Volunteer page. It will have all the information and forms you need. We will start to welcome volunteers into the classrooms on September 1st. You do need to communicate with the teacher on days to help.

Student Handbook

Please take a moment to review our new Student Handbook!

AES Calendar

This calendar link is a live document, you'll find it every month in our newsletter. As we add special events and spirit days we'll add them to the document. I think you'll find it handy if you bookmark it. Each month has a tab at the bottom.

September Menu

Print-friendly menu.

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Reporting an Absence

To report an absence due to one of the following reasons :

  • Illness (Not COVID)

  • Doctor/Dental Appointment

  • Family Emergency

  • Personal Business

Follow this link to report an absence.

To report an absence due to a COVID Positive Test:

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