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How is poverty related to To Kill A Mockingbird

In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the background of the story was the Great Depression.So all the people in Maycomb county were affected by the Great Depression.The narrator in this novel,Scout Finch,didn't really mention or complain about the Great Depression.However, if the readers imagine that how Scout Finch lived,they might realize that Scout had nowhere to go, nothing to buy, and little money to buy with due to the Great Depression.In this novel,there were really poor families such as Ewells or Cunninghams.Also there are some African-Americans who worked hard but had no money. For example, in chapter 12, Scout and Jem following Calpurina to the African-American church,unpainted,no ceiling,and no electricity.This kind of poverty is still happening in some places in modern day U.S.

about poverty in TED talk ( Bryan Stevenson)

As this topic is talked a lot in U.S, there are several examples. for instance, Bryan Stevenson talked about poverty and injustice system in TED talk with a topic called "We Need to Talk About an Injustice."In this TED talk, Bryan Stevenson said that Americans lost their identity because they have corrupted justice system. This can be explained by the fact that most African-American people in U.S are in jail. Bryan Stevenson said that Americans can reclaim their identities by having open-mind, challenging injustice, and in other ways.However, there are just few people who are actually trying to challenge this social injustice. And that is being a major problem today.

To Kill A Mockingbird Symbols

In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, the mockingbird means innocency. So the novel is mainly about Scout losing her innocency over time,especially after the Tom Robinson's trial.This is same in modern day, most of the citizens in America lost their innocency. A lot of people in America don't really care about some major problems if that problem is not related with them. And that's why America can not solve some problems like poverty, because a lot of people actually don't care about the problem.

Modern Day Mockingbirds

Modern Day Problems : Poverty

The poor people in modern day U.S are suffering by the rich people.How?This is because of the social injustice that is happening in U.S.Poor people tend to get less rights in their society.And rich people tend to have more rights in their society.Because of their difference between their rights,the gap between the poor and rich are getting bigger.Some people say that the opposite of poverty is justice.This means that poverty equals to injustice.Why?I think that this is because poverty is related to injustice in many ways like the court system to the jail system.Also,as I said on the top part,people can get their power in their society when that person has enough money.This also means that poor people gets controlled by rich people.We have to find ways to solve this social injustice as soon as possible so that the poor people can get their rights.

Example of Poverty in Modern Day U.S

Most people who are poor work as much as they can and go in and out of poverty. Fewer people have little or no work on a continuing basis, but they are in much worse straits and tend to stay poor from one generation to the next.

The numbers in both categories are stunning.

Low-wage work encompasses people with incomes below twice the poverty line—not poor but struggling all the time to make ends meet. They now total 103 million, which means that fully one-third of the population has an income below what would be $36,000 for a family of three.

In the bottom tier are 20.5 million people—6.7 percent of the population—who are in deep poverty, with an income less than half the poverty line (below $9,000 for a family of three). Some 6 million people out of those 20.5 million have no income at all other than food stamps.

cite - http://prospect.org/article/state-poverty-america

In this article, it shows the social injustice about poverty. It also shows the number of Americans who are struggling with poverty, and the number or people are huge. And the real problem is that due to the social injustice, poverty goes in generation. This means that there will be more gap between poor and rich. And if the gap between the poor and rich becomes bigger, it will lead to the economic damage to the entire society.

Social Context: "The Disease"

To Kill A Mockingbird : Symbol of Tim Johnson

In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, there was one scene when Atticus shoots one dog called Tim Johnson. Tim Johnson symbolizes the prejudice of Maycomb. For example, because most of the people of Maycomb are guilty of hateful prejudice, when they get together, they act like a rabid dog. They are out of control, take action or speak without logic, and strike without warning. Tim Johnson also represents the town's prejudice in the sense that Atticus seems to be the only Maycomb who can guard the town and his children from the disease of prejudice.

The Cause Of Poverty In Modern Day America

Poverty in modern day America is caused by the injustice system and the corrupted society. A lot of rich people try to hole their wealth and rights. Especially when the government is corrupted, they can make laws that are beneficial to the rich and harmful for the poor. And if this is happening, the gap between the rich and poor will be even bigger, which can lead to a serious problem. For example, if the gap between the poor and rich gets bigger, due to the extreme poverty in the society, it can lead to the economical damage.

Becoming Atticus Finch

Becoming Atticus Finch in modern day America

In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Tim Johnson was the symbol of prejudice. And the novel tried to express that Atticus was the only person that can save the town and his children. Atticus took matters into his own hands (his definition of courage) and stood up against Tom Ribinson. And like Atticus,we should try our best to solve this major problem in our own belief.That is what Atticus did eventhough his society won't let him succeed it.However, it is important that Atticus followed his belief and tried his best to win the trial.We also should try our best to help solve this problem,which is poverty.We can join some campaigns,protests,and other activities.These days,people in america are joining alot of campaigns to tell the people about poverty.

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