Born past my time

my expirenses in mexico

my arrival

upon my arrival to the small beach town in Mexico witch my family had originally lived before they had come to the united states I was amazed seeing as to how beautiful the town was .there was not a lot of technology in this town and everyone knew everyone everyone even knew who I was even if I didn't know then them I didn't have time to really enjoy the climate seeing as though I had to unpack and do it fast because I wanted to be done so that I could go and have fun .

after and hour or two I was done I went to the back of my aunts restaurant and there I saw the beach not even ten yards from the resurant I didn't have a bathing suit on but I didn't care so I took off my shirt and pans and jumped in the water in my boxers I didn't relize no one els was in the water because all the locals knew the tide was coming in and it was what they called an angry hour for the ocean seeing as though the the waves would go up to fifteen feet up but I didn't care I was always an adrenilen junky.

while in the water I could feel the trench of the angry ocean pulling me into deep waters I didn't care it was just more exitment pretty soon I started to hear my cuzin yell" you didn't wait for me" she jumped in with her boggy bored and came out to deep water after her the hole family jumped in and started swimming and having fun then I started to see a hole bunch of other people surfing the monster waves after a couple of hours I was really tired the waves are crusiel they drag u down to the bottom of the ocean push u against the sand it really ruff on the body.

however when I got out I never felt so alive and healthy even though I had scratches all over from the sea shells that I was being pushed against on at the bottom of the ocean l went back to the restaurant tire and happy I felt so satisfied the ocean was nothing like any ocean un the U.S it was better than I expected.after I showerd to get the salt and sand of of me I went to eat dinner with the family we were eating freshly cought fish I had seen them return with earlier that day the teast was like nothing I had tasted it was byond fresh I loved it .

but this was only day one of a hole year that I have spent in México there is to much to tell in my tell so this is where ill stop.