The Rideau Report

June 2022

This is the last stretch... already!

Bonjour les Rhinos!

Only 21 days left to the school year! It sure went by fast.

Last week, we celebrated the success of all students who have made great effort to speak French since March Break. The Yellow Colour House came in first place but the race was so tight that everyone got to enjoy a Freezie. We have many excited students that afternoon!

For students in grade 3 and grade 6, there are difficulties with the EQAO website which means that we will not have access for a couple of days. Teachers will advise families when we are able to access the assessment.

Don't forget that Friday is a PA Day. There is no school for students. Teachers and ECEs are actively writing report cards.

Registrations for kindergarten are still open, visit the Limestone site for more information.

The transition to online permission forms and payment through School-Day is going well. Many families have signed up. If you have not registered yet, please go ahead as many of the end of the year field trips are on it already. You will need your child's personalized registration form that was sent home in May. The office is able to print a new one if you cannot find it.

I know there are many field trips scheduled in June, the students will be busy! Also, we have secured Queen's Connections for 3 days of workshops on STEM with our classes. These will take place on June 20, 21 and 22.

We continue to work actively on classroom organization for next year. Please let us know if your family is moving out of our catchment area.

Grade 6 Celebration -> To conclude their years at Rideau, grade 6 students and staff will celebrate with a pizza lunch, delicious cake and afternoon by the pool. Teachers will send more information as the venue and date are confirmed. We hope for Tuesday June 28. Fingers crossed for availability and good weather!

Literacy Night -> To help families avoid the summer slide, Mme Lockhart is offering a virtual session on literacy games and activities. This event is online on Wednesday June 22, from 7:00 to 8:00. The target group is for families of FSL students from K-3. Interested families can sign up by emailing Mme Lockhart at The first 25 families will receive a bag of goodies (whiteboard and dry erase marker, customized book mark for early reading strategies, decodable books, sound skills choice boards and code packs). Don't delay!

Grow Garden -> The Garden Club at Rideau PS is seeking donations and volunteers to help clean up the school garden by pruning, trimming overgrown bushes, edging, and preparing a wildflower bed at the front of the school, as well as to tend the garden over the summer.

We are looking for the following gently used items:

- 2 or 3 watering cans

- Wheelbarrow

- Pitch Fork

- Small pruning sheers

- 5 or 6 spades for children to use

- Materials to edge around the garden such as wood or stone (bed is approx. 200" X 55")

We are looking for volunteers to tend the garden once or twice in a week over the summer. Please find below a link to a Google Document where you can sign up. We would be greatly appreciative of help!

M. Himada is happy to share how to access water at the school and how to weed the garden for interested families. Please get in touch with M. Himada at for further information or if you have one of the above items to donate. Merci!

Staffing update -> We are please to announce that Mme Isabelle Beauvais will join the staff of Rideau as our new kindergarten teacher next year.

Spirit Days

June 2 - Rideau Colours (green and yellow)

June 10 - Colour House colours

June 17 - Rainbow and Unicorn Day

June 24 - Beach Day

June 29 - Rideau Colours (green and yellow)

Parent Council -> We had our last meeting on Thursday May 26. Little Caesar was a successful fundraiser. The PAC activities will resume in the fall.

Lost & Found -> We continue to have a surplus of clothing left behind by the students. We encourage you to stop by the school and go through the two bins. There is one near the main entrance and one at the North door.

June is looking like it is going to be a very engaging month for students!

Valerie Arsenault

Acting Principal

School Organization 2022-2023

Please know that this is our expected organization for the fall, things can always change over the summer.

M. Derbyshire and Mme Arsenault will stay in their current position for next year.

We will have the following classes:

FDK 1 - Mlle Sveinson & Mme Graham

FDK 2 - Mme Kennedy & Mme Sparkes

FDK 3 - Mme Beauvais & TBD

FDK 4 - Mme Kozo & M. Ohayon

FDK 5 - M. Himada & Mme Hunter

Grade 1 A - Mme LeBlanc

Grade 1 B - Mme Bettas

Grade 1/2 - Mme Matthews

Grade 2A - Mme Eastabrook

Grade 2 B - Mme Walker

Grade 2/3 - Mme Loiselle

Grade 3 A - Mme Meyerman

Grade 3/4 - Mme Morawiec

Grade 4 - Mme Dupont-Salter

Grade 4/5 - Mme Carlone

Grade 5 - M. Cameron

Grade 5/6 - Mme Frappier

Grade 6 - TBD for Term 1, Mme Gazdik Term 2

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