McDaniel and Pratt Grocery Store



I would chose a partnership because it will be more helpful for the both of us to have multiple partners within the business instead of only one. We will be able to raise money easily by adding new partners, we do not have to pay corporate income tax, and there will be numerous different talents from all partners.


I will be sure to have partners that I have known for a while in order to be able to get along better with them, share the profits easier, be able to accept if I am liable for someone else actions, and to keep anyone from wanting to leave the business.

Labor Unions

We will have labor union because it will help our employees in a chance to have a better chance to obtain higher pay and good working conditions. Our partnership will create a closed shop labor union because this will not only bring us as partners closer but will also bring us closer to our employees and bring our employees closes to each other.
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Inside our stores at both ends of all aisle for any plastic, paper, or cans customers may have as they go throughout the store there will be a recycling bin. There will also be a recycling bin everywhere in the parking lot along with a trash can to keep them from littering.