Save our Disney movies!!!!

Carlie, & Faith

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Teachers being wrong

Disney movies are really educational if you think about it. Now teachers on the other hand

think they are movies that you just watch for fun and entertainment.But they're super wrong in every way possible. And here is how I prove them wrong.

Examples of GREAT educational movies

How Disney movies are educational

Disney movies educate kids all over the world. For example they teach kids and even adults sometimes newer words they haven't heard before like some kids don't know self destruct or captain.Then they learn BME which mean begging middle and end.They can learn Themes,important details and events.If that isn't changing your mind teachers then you all are something else. Cause to other adults (I'm talking about parents.) They would be forcing their kids to watch Disney movies right away. So after all of this I sure hope ya'll educators and teacher give your kids the chance at school to watch a great Disney movie like Chicken Little, Lady And Hound, and Peter Pan. Hope you are convinced. By and have a great day.