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September 12, 2021

Weekly Message from Mr. Hanzeli

Dear Elger Bay Families!

Thank you so much for continuing to join us in this weekly journey that is our return to everyday school for our students. I appreciate the many words of support for the staff, but I also want you to know that I appreciate hearing about areas of concern. My feeling is that if I don't hear about concerns from you about which I may not be aware, my school team and I can't look at how we might make it better. Here is to a fantastic first full 5 day week coming up :-) ~ Victor

Important Parent Packet Going Home w/ Students on Monday: The office will be sending home a packet of information. Normally in past years this has been mailed as a part of the late summer process of sending you information, but circumstances this year did not allow for that. Please review, fill out (if necessary), sign and return these to your child's homeroom teacher or the main office.

Cafeteria Procedure: I have received a couple of calls from families where children have felt they do not have enough time to finish their lunch. Let me share the supports we provide students for finishing their lunch.

  • When other students, who may be done eating, are offered the chance to begin cleaning up, if a child is not done, they may continue eating.
  • Next, when students begin being dismissed to recess, students who still need a few minutes to finish are offered a table (with social distancing) where they can continue while the custodian wipes down the other tables in preparation for the next grade levels.
  • If the students still need more time, the two picnic tables just outside the gym are reserved for those who still need to finish eating.

NOTE: It is fair to say that each day of school has not gone perfectly, but all of these procedures are getting even more efficient as our staff and our youngest students become familiar with all of the routines related to being in the cafeteria for lunch using all the safety protocols. We continue to monitor this each day and refine our procedures.

Important SCSD Student Connectivity Survey: Below you see a button for this survey. It is very important that you take a couple of minutes for each of your SCSD students and help us better understand your connectivity circumstance at home. Here is the survey link if you wish to go to it right now.

Chromebook Distribution Update, 9.10.21: For the moment, the chromebooks and chargers will be held in the classrooms by our teachers. This is allowing for all of the early work and learning regarding platforms and processes for using Google Meet, Google Classroom and/or Seesaw.

However, if you and/or the teacher are needing/wanting the chromebook to go home starting now for instructional supports by way of remediation or enrichment, please connect by Email with the teacher and they will begin to make that daily process a part of your student's day.

Late Start Wednesdays (Repeat): This Wednesday will be our next chance to experience Late Start Wednesday. During the year, this later start time on Wednesdays allows for professional development of staff and collaboration for our teams here at Elger Bay and across the district.

MOST IMPORTANT TO KNOW is that everything happens 80 minutes (1 hour 20 minutes) later on Wednesday mornings. Your bus will arrive at the am stop 80 minutes later. Our doors will open to drive up drop offs 80 minutes later (9:55 instead of the usual 8:35). School begins at 10:20. End of day dismissal happens at the same time as the rest of the week.

Mark All Personal Items with Student Name (repeat): Our lost and found is already growing! Please be sure to label EVERYTHING that might be dropped at a recess or on the way in and out of school (jackets, sweaters, water bottles, etc). Our students and staff are great about helping us get them back to their proper owner...if we know who it is.

Breakfast and Lunch FREE to Students (repeat): Reminder that both breakfast and lunch are free and available to all students.

If you are of the mind that you do not want your child to access any of these meals, please be sure to contact our kitchen manager, Marlene Anderson: manderson@stanwood.wednet.edu

If your child has any dietary allergies, please be sure to contact our school nurse to access the appropriate paperwork. Donna Hunter: dhunter@stanwood.wednet.edu

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, September 16

Vision / Hearing Screening Day

Friday, September 24

EBE Picture Day

Friday, October 15

No School for Students, Staff Training Day

Wed., Thurs., Fri., October 27-29

Half Days for Students; Student Progress Conferences Afternoon

Notes from Mr. Hanzeli regarding School Procedure Refinements (Repeat)

Please let me begin by thanking you for your patience. We know there have been delays, some of them very significant. It is a fact that all of these procedures become much more efficient after about 5-10 school days when we all have had a chance to practice and be certain they are as safe as possible. As you can imagine, all of our procedures are being refined as we learn lessons from the first few days of school.

Thank you for staying in touch with my office and letting us know about your observations as a parent. It really is very helpful.

Here are a few notes for this week:


  • In order to try and increase the speed of unloading drive up drop off students, we are going to extend the cars that may unload. Instead of just three at a time, we will allow all the cars along the actual sidewalk to unload, then move them all out.
  • To that end, please be ready for your child to get out of the car on the passenger side.
  • All drop-off students enter through the north entrance of the school.
  • Please do not just park in stall and let your children out of the car. It is very unsafe and we have had several near misses in year's past due to car and bus traffic moving in many directions.


  • Lunch periods are 20 minutes and roughly 110 are at each lunch.
  • Cold lunchers are usually seated within the first 3-5 minutes.
  • The last of the hot lunchers a minute or two later.
  • At the end of lunch, if a student still needs a couple minutes, they can get permission from the supervisor to move to a designated table so the custodian might clean the other tables before the next lunch arrives.
  • Should a student still need a few minutes, the first two picnic tables outside are saved for that purpose (unless they are not needed).
  • At recess dismissal, students take their lunchboxes to a designated table for their particular class so they can easily find it at the end of recess.


  • For those picking up students (prearranged and communicated to the office), the process already got much quicker on day 2 and will continue to be more efficient.
  • Reminder there are two (2) lines of cars that enter the playground. As you line up behind, please maintain two lines, even along the bus fence.
  • Please STOP at the YELLOW LINE by the bus fence and make sure the exit is fully clear so that a turning bus may drive through the bus chute and turn in front of you when it arrives at the school to pick up students.


Please know from me personally that these first couple days were not good enough and my team and I will be working each day to continue building a SAFE and EFFICIENT system for end of day transportation.

  • Thanks to everyone who has returned DAILY TRANSPORTATION PLAN FORM. This is really THE key document for communicating precise plans for your student each day.
  • Phone Sheryl or Kristie in our office and provide any change, even if only for one day, so they might document and communicate the change.
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Superintendent Deborah Rumbaugh’s August Message, 9.10.21 (Repeat)

Hello Families,

We sent a message to Families, Staff and Community Members this week. We intend to be transparent with you about our process for managing COVID cases and our district COVID case rate. You can check this link to review COVID cases county by county and within our district. Both of these dashboards are updated weekly. We will use both of these data points to make decisions about safety and the addition or removal of safety measures in our schools.

Given the increasing rate of case counts in Snohomish County, we are reiterating the importance for students and staff to wear masks while on campus, per our previous communication. Additionally, an emphasis on social distancing is needed. As students return to school and move across campus in groups, we will be diligent in reminding students to maintain a social distance of 3 ft. from each other.

Back-to-School Celebrations

Thank you for your patience as we navigated the first several days of school. As we instituted bus routes, new lunch routines and ways to move around campus, we learned a lot! This year’s start of school has brought with it the need to re-think our typical routines and structures.

That said, we saw some BIG things to celebrate! We watched 1st graders navigating their first “real” school lunchtime at Twin City Elementary. First graders were learning how to line up, choose white or chocolate milk, and sit distanced at their assigned lunch tables. There was a lot of curiosity and excitement during the first week of lunch for these students. Middle school students spent a lot of time outside these past few days. We saw school tours, advisory classes and mask breaks that allowed students to enjoy learning in the sun and get to know their classmates while outdoors. Finally, drop off and pick up at the high school is improving. If you were there the first day of school, you know what a BIG feat it was to manage the arrival of students by bus and car. This is the first time the high school had ALL students arrive for school at the same time.


If your student still has a Chromebook at home from last year, we ask that they return it to their current school as soon as possible. Chromebooks that have not been turned in have been disabled and are not operational. We would like to refresh these devices and reissue an updated Chromebook to your student.

Bus Passes

We are postponing the practice of bus passes for the time being. Every effort is being made to ensure buses are safe and not overcrowded for students assigned to them.

Seeking Bus Drivers!

We need you! The district is seeking outstanding applicants to fill new and existing positions in the district. We would love our families and community members to consider applying for jobs in the Stanwood-Camano School District. We would like to highlight the need for bus drivers! Our transportation team provides all of the necessary training and certifications to become a bus driver. If you are interested please contact Lisa Orton at LOrton@stanwood.wednet.edu. The District provides competitive wages and benefits packages for positions over 630 hours per year. Please go to the district’s employment page to apply.

Please contact the district human resources department at 360-629-1200 for help with the application process.

Information from the Assistant Director for Covid Recovery-Health and Safety Related

The Stanwood-Camano School District has hired Mary Hoffman to the position of Assistant Director of Covid Recovery-Health and Safety Related. From time to time I will forward to you important information out from her office. Please note the following reminder:

Families, please remember that if anyone in your household has a cough or fever or if anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19, you need to keep your student home and contact your school. If someone in your household is waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test, all unvaccinated students need to stay home. Finally, if your student has been around anyone who later tests positive for COVID, the student needs to stay home until being cleared by the school nurse. Thank you all for doing your part!

Please take a moment to look over the following two newsletter items explaining the following:

What to do if someone has COVID-19 symptoms and has confirmed or suspected

exposure to COVID-19

What to do if someone has COVID-19 symptoms but has not been around anyone diagnosed

with COVID-19

EBE Health and Safety Procedures (Repeat)

In alignment with the guidance of our district health and safety communications, the following are health and safety protocols we will be applying as we begin the 21-22 school year. I hope this helps paint for you a picture of how things will work we bring everyone back.


  • Temperature check or health attestation screening with students will NOT take place as part of the morning entry procedure.
  • Cloth or paper masks will be worn at school and on the school bus. Gaiters are not allowed.
  • Students will have multiple recesses and teachers are encouraged to provide outside mask breaks.
  • Students and staff will maintain three feet social distancing whenever possible and reasonable.
  • As students move through the hallways, they will be asked to always use the right hand side of the hallways.
  • As a school district and with our school nurse at the lead we will perform contact tracing and communicate quarantine requirements when necessary.


  • Meals will be free to all students and eaten in the cafeteria.
  • There will be 3 feet of social distancing while seated.
  • Masks will be worn when not actively eating or drinking.


  • Students are not be limited to classroom cohorts while outside at recess.
  • Equipment will be available for students to use.
  • Hand washing or hand gel or sanitizer will be required before/after play.
  • Masks must be worn on big toy and when 3 feet of distancing cannot be maintained.


  • Masks will be worn while indoors and during all specialist classes, including P.E.
  • Three feet of distancing while seated in the classroom.
  • Hand washing or use of hand gel will be practiced throughout the day.
  • Shared items, such as manipulatives and equipment, will be limited.


  • The Stanwood-Camano School District has developed an Opening of School FAQ (En Espanol) that addresses what we know now on various topics related to COVID regulations and requirements for school districts. This FAQ is also available on our COVID information page on the District website. This page will be updated regularly as we receive information from the state or as we update our safety procedures.

REMINDER: Late Start Wednesdays (Repeat)

NOTE: Kindergarten families please pay special attention to this article (meant for everyone) as your child's first day of school will be on a Late Start Wednesday.

Wednesdays follow a late start schedule during which time staff are engaged in professional development and collaboration efforts. For those who are new to SCSD/EBE, this is the main thing to remember for Late Start Wednesdays:

- School will not be open for students until 9:55 a.m. First Bell, 10:15. School begins, 10:20.

- Bus service will arrive roughly 1 hour 20 minutes (80 minutes) later than on the usual 4Day schedule.

- Dismissal is still 3:30.

- Bus arrival home after school should be roughly the same as other days.

There are one or two exceptions to this Wednesday pattern. I will try to be diligent about sending reminders, but if you are a planner, here is a link to the student calendar for the full year. Student Calendar 2021-2022

Elger Bay Elementary PTA Facebook Homepage LINK

This button is here if you need to quickly connect to the Elger Bay PTA Facebook Homepage.

Spread the Word, Call Your Friends

If you have a child to register for next year, you may stop in to the office. Please bring:

  • Registration Forms
  • Copy of their birth certificate (or other age verification document, as noted)
  • Immunization records.

For enrollment purposes, we accept birth certificates, adoption decrees, baptismal certificates, immunization records, previous school records, or entry in a family tree. Other documents not outlined here may also support age verification.

Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by August 31, 2021.

Please call us at 360-629-1290 if you have any questions.

REGISTER ONLINE: New Student and Kindergarten Registration for 2021-2022