How to make troffels

By brooklyn

If you love troffels why dont you follow my step by step guide and i promise you will find it delicious and you will get it perfect each and every time!

Ingredents: Equipment:

*Packet of biscuits{half} *Bowl

*Coconut{half} *Spoons

*Coco{half} *Laying tray

*A glass of water{whole} *lid

*Condence milk {2}{whole} *Rolling pin

*Pinch of flower {pinch} *Plastic bag


1) Firstly, you need to get all the ingredents out and place them in a nice space where you can see them.

2) Secondly, when you can se all your ingredents, you then take the biscuits and open them.

3) Thirdly, when opened you take your plastic bag and put half of the biscuits in and leave there to get the air out.

4) Forthly, you then get your rolling pin and start smashing the biscuits until they are nice and crumble.

5) Next, get your coco and put it in the bowl with some condence milk, water, cookies and a pinch of flower.

6) After, when done, you mix them altogether and make them hard or soft but soft is better, and your hands will become sticky from rubbing them together.

7) Finally, pick out a small part of the mixture and rub it in to a ball. When you have rolled it into a ball you then roll it in some coconut and leave them to dry and they will go herd or soft.

8) Following on, you can put them in the fridge or you can leave them to dry but my suggestion is to put them in the FRIDGE.

10) Moving onnn, when they go hard have fun and take a bite AND...