The Light Bulb!!!

By: Kaitlyn Batcheller

What is the light bulb?

The light bulb is a round glass object that is used for a source of light.

Who's idea was it? Who Invented it?

Thomas Edison is the one who invented the wonderful light bulb that we still use today, but he didn't just "invent" it. He put together what he knew about electricity with what he knew about gas lights and invented a whole system of electric lighting.

What is the intended purpose of the light bulb?

The intended purpose of the light bulb was to replace all candles and fires that were being used for light with the light bulb. It made things a lot easier and the light was more powerful and wasn't so dim like if you were using a candle instead. Also, people couldn't work third shift because there was no light at night and they couldn't work to there best advantage with candles, so the light bulb allowed people to start working through the night.