Week of September 6th -September 10th

Thunderbirds focus on G.R.I.T- Growth, Resiliency, Integrity, Tenacity

Good morning, Thunderbirds! I hope that each of you are enjoying this beautiful weekend to the fullest. Below you will find information for the upcoming week. There’s a lot of information and dates in September so please read carefully and do not hesitate to reach out for any questions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Let’s make it a great week, Thunderbirds!

Your #1 Fan!

-Mrs. Rhodes


Happy Birthday!!!!

Jane Hunt-September 6th

Becky Brown- September 7th

Heather Trojan- September 9th

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Staff Celebrations!!! We're more than educators...We are people!!!

Use this link to share your celebrations for the upcoming newsletter!!

Staff Celebrations!!!

Don’t forget to share your marigold on TUESDAYYYYY :-) :-)! Share your marigold photos received of you and your marigold for the week from another team or department!! Email to Ms. Mercer or text photos to 254-654-2568!!! Even if you no longer have a frame because you gave it to your marigold last week and did not receive one, it’s okay! Write a note and share it with your Tuesday Marigold. It still counts!

First 5 staff are winners!!!
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Last Week’s Marigold Winners of a free Jeans Pass!

Turn in any T-Shirt Orders to Mrs. Garcia in the front office.


*If you have any questions about attendance, please see Ms. Sherry in the front office.*


Good afternoon,

I have been informed that there are bees in and around the trees by the old gym. Please keep students from playing around those trees as we have student with severe allergies to stings. Thank you!

-Nurse Collins

Heat Precautions!!!


I know that it has been very hot out and I would like all staff to please review the hot weather guidelines. Please monitor students while outside for signs and symptoms of heat illness. Thank you!

Lisa Collins, BSN, RN

School Nurse

Thornton Elementary

*See Heat Precautions document below*

Attention New Staff:

“I will be updating the Thornton website and will need pictures of all new staff. Please let me know if you have a picture that I can use or will need a new one taken. Thanks!”

Esmeralda Garcia

Monday, September 6th- School Holiday! Labor Day!

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Tuesday, September 7th- Morning Announcements-7:55-8:00- Thunderbird Spirit Day!

Wednesday, September 8th- Morning Announcements 7:55-8:00

  • MAP Testing Schedule for 9.7-9.17

    TES Leadership Team Meeting 4:05-4:45 in the library
  • Kindergarten Grade book in Skyward at Central Administration 4:00-5:00-Pecan Room
  • New teacher and new to TISD Grade book training with Rains- PLC room 4:05-4:45
  • BOY MAP Window- September 7-17
  • Specials
  • HOP Time!
  • Temple Nutrition Tea Order

Thursday, September 9th-Morning Announcements-7:55-8:00

  • MAP Testing Schedule for 9.7-9.17

    H.O.P Accelerated Learning Grades 4/5
  • Digital Learning PLC Room with the Digital Coaching Crew- Hugh and Ashley :-)-bring your device and the requested items from the coaching team-
  • BOY MAP Window- September 7-17
  • Extra Specials
  • Temple Nutrition Tea delivery

Friday, September 10th- Announcements 7:55-8:00

  • MAP Testing Schedule for 9.7-9.17

    H.O.P Accelerated Learning Grades 4/5
  • BOY MAP Window- September 7-17
  • Show your Wildcat spirit with jeans!
  • HOP Time!
  • Happy Friyayyyyyyy!!!!
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  • First Responders Day- September 11
  • Donna Ward’s TIA Presentation in the library- September 13th 4:00-4:45 *para do not attend
  • Celebrate Freedom Week September 13-17
  • September 14- Dr. Ott's Bond Presentation to the community 6:00-7:00
  • First TES Faculty Meeting, September 15, 4:05-4:50 in the library- ***Paras included for Nurse Collins’ medical presentation.
  • Constitution Day- September 17
  • First day of ZONE after school program- September 20
  • TES Open House- September 21st 5:00-6:30
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Constitution Day & Freedom Week- Reference 8.16.21 email from Rhodes


Please see the email below regarding Constitution Day and Freedom Week along with resources from Dr. Adams to assist as you plan for upcoming units. Make sure to include direct instruction on the Constitution on September 17th. Please let the ICs know if you have any questions about incorporating Freedom Week and Constitution Day activities into your lesson plans.

-Mrs. Rhodes”

Subject: Constitution Day/ Celebrate Freedom Week: September 13-17


In preparation for Celebrate Freedom Week (September 13-17) and Constitution Day (September 17), I wanted to send some guidance to assist you with your campus planning.

Federal law states…

Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution. H. R. 4818 Section 111(b).

Thus, it is the expectation that students will receive instruction on the United States Constitution during the school day on September 17th. Lesson plans should reflect this instructional planning so I have included some links to resources that may assist your teachers.

Our communications department has also provided resources for campus announcements and signage to assist you in celebrating Constitution Week.

Please call if you have any questions.

Links to Resources:




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJK2JveCAbI(grades 6-12)


Lisa Adams, Ed.D.


Just a reminder of the TISD procedures for reporting Covid-19, as well as maintaining confidentiality of Covid-19 positive cases…

  1. To report a positive Covid test or a possible exposure to Covid, please go to COVID-19 STAFF RESOURCES and fill out the STAFF COVID Self Report Form.
  2. The ONLY employee you should talk to about Covid exposures or positive cases to is AMY HAYES.

Discussions about Covid cases with anyone other than Amy Hayes is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Please respect the privacy of your colleagues and refrain from discussing any Covid-related issue with anyone other than Amy Hayes.

Thank you,



Every year, all Temple ISD employees are required to receive training on various health regulations, legal policies, workplace and social concerns, and concerns for students with special needs. TISD created its training to be virtual and completed at your own pace. You should have received an invitation to complete the course through Kickup yesterday. If you did not, please follow the instructions below to access the training.

The training must be completed by October 31, 2021

  1. Click Here to access the training in Kickup – our new platform for training.
    1. If you are prompted to create an account, use your new Google account: first.last@tisd.org (we no longer support @gcloud accounts for staff)
    2. If you encounter difficulties with Kickup, please visit https://help.tisd.org
  2. In the description is a link to the Google slide deck with all the videos, links, graphs, and text needed to complete the training.
    1. It is self-paced
    2. It can be accessed from home
    3. All content is required to be viewed and read
  3. When you have finished, return to the training in Kickup and confirm your attendance (proof that you completed the training)
    1. To the right of the training description, click on the Confirm Attendance button
    2. Enter this code: 2SRD4L
    3. You should now see “Attendance Confirmed”

Note that when you confirm attendance, you are attesting to Temple ISD and the State of Texas that you have participated in and attended the training and you will be held responsible for all of its content.

The training must be completed by October 31, 2021

Donna Ward, M.Ed.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Sightings from the safari…

More Sightings on the Safari!!!

From Amy Hayes- Mentors of Student Teachers, make sure that they have this information.

Please remind your staff that if they are sick (especially those running fever), to stay home. That doesn’t mean they necessarily need to get tested for COVID, however, I would encourage them to reach out to their doctor (or a MD Live Physician) if they have concerns. I know everyone wants to be here (and we SINCERELY appreciate that), but we also need to ensure we are keeping everyone safe.

If anyone has concerns, please have them contact me directly.


COVID-19 Self-Report Form

COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 Symptom Checker

Delta Variant Information

Additional Staff Resources

***Note – MD Live is available for new hires 9/1/21)

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