The Captain

By Ian O'Connor

Main Character

The main character in this book is the person who the book is about; Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter was born in Pequannock, NJ on June 26, 1974. However he grew up in Kalamazoo, MI. When he was growing up he was always a Yankee fan. He told his friends and teachers that he would be a shortstop for the New York Yankees one day, and look what happened. He played High School Baseball with Kalamazoo Central. And right out of high school he went straight to the MLB.

About The Author

Ian O'Connor is a sports columnist for He was also a columnist at the Daily News, USA Today, The Journal News, The Record, and He has won national and regional writing awards, including the Society of Professional Journalists' Sigma Delta Chi Award at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. He went to Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He was born in Englewood and lives in River Vale, New Jersey with his wife, Tracey, and his son.
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The setting of this book varies a lot. He travels everywhere for his job.To 30 different cities in one year and during the minor leagues they still had to travel all over the place. And in total I'd say the setting changed at least 60 times. From going to city to city to play baseball.

Book Reviews (click on the links for the full reviews)

"O’Connor’s sweet Life of Derek raises a core question: Can a Jeter biography be anything less than an ode to a wonderful guy who has been the face of the Yankees for a decade and a half, since he was 22? Maybe O’Connor’s man-crush is the inevitable result of extended exposure to Jeter and his story. Without a tell-all, what’s left? The tale of a terrific fella who, as O’Connor reports, quizzes dates about their morals and has a “spectacular talent for doing the right thing at the right time.”

"Ian O'Connor's THE CAPTAIN: THE JOURNEY OF DEREK JETER is a breezy and enjoyable biography of the iconic Yankee shortstop. O'Connor paints an overwhelmingly admiring portrait that nonetheless manages to remain objective."

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I recommend reading this book because it is about one of america's heroes. Everyone should know who Derek Jeter is. Even though the Boston Red Sox are bitter rivals with the New York Yankees every Red Sox fan has respect and cant wait to watch Derek play. Even if you don't pay attention to baseball at all, he is an off the field, local guy. If you don't watch baseball, just read this book. It is all about how he grew up and how he is as a person.


This whole book is about Derek Jeter. He grew up in Kalamazoo, MI. Got drafted straight put of high school. Played for the New York Yankees for 20 years. He is a 14-time All Star, won 5 gold gloves, and won 4 World Series titles. He has had the dream career. And you don't even know his life story but you will if you read this book.
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