American System

Nationalism and Sectionalism


The American system was necessary to protect and promote American industry. Basically it helped America with internal improvements. For example the American System helped supply roads, canals, and other improvements such as agriculture. Henry Clay is credited with the idea of the American System. He sought to balance the nation's agriculture, commerce and industry. His plan the balance this consisted of tariffs, a national bank, and public improvements. Clay was a former Kentucky senator before he became Speaker of the House. He pushed for the Compromise of 1850, with overall stances on race and slavery.

Nationalism vs Sectionalism

There was a huge difference in America regarding nationalism and sectionalism. Nationalism is about loving your country as a whole. Accepting everybody in America as one. This was highly supported and suggested by Americans after independence from Great Britain. On the other hand, there was Sectionalism. This is putting a section of the country above your own nation. For example, putting your state or region before your country. If you were a sectionalist, not only were you in the minority, but you were a big threat to America. The more radical sectionalist could go to war with America if it feels that the USA isn't on the right track. Eventually, it could lead to war with America.