Camp resperation

were your disabilitys become abilitys

whats our camp about?

our camp is made to help kids and teens from ages 5 to 16 deal with cystic fibrosis , disease that causes the body to create a thick/sticky mucus.this affects the digestive system and the lungs

more about our camp

when do we open? ehat do i bring?

open: 8:00am ,7 days a week
closed:8;00 pm,7 days a week

we will open on the 10th of July and we will close on the 10th of August .

what to bring:
you must bring clothes ,blankets ,pillows,tooth brush,tooth paste,shampoo,and other product your child must need , if your child has any other disability please notify us.

cost of camp

we are asking for 20-40 dollars depending on age,please contact us for more information on costs and payments.