Water Pollution In the U.S.

Ethan Moran

Whats Happening

Water pollution is infecting our water supplies. The main cause for this is factories. An average 99 million pounds of fertilizers are put into aquifers each year. In developing countries 70 percent of Industrial pollution is poured into their water supply. The picture below shows what is happening right now.
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The causes

The cause for all of this is that we use to much fertilizer for crops and plants. They build cars that create pollution and poisons water. Also People throw things away, but not in the trash can. The trash people throw away ends up in rivers and lakes that people swim in. The picture below shows a graph of what causes water pollution.
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The effects

The effects of having to much water pollution is the aquifer we use is getting to polluted. If the aquifer gets to polluted what are we going to use to water crops? What would we drink? If we pollute the aquifer and all of our water we could all die.

How to solve the problem

How to solve the pollution problem is that we could use less fertilizers. We could also slow down car production. We could put a limit to how many vehicles you own. You cant fertilize your crops,lawn,etc as often.