No Safety in Numbers

By: Dayna Lorentez, 263 Pages, Article by Aidan Shuster

This book is the bomb!

The main characters in this book are Marco, Shay, Lexi, and Ryan. The setting of the book is in a mall. The conflict is they are stuck in a mall and they are trying to escape because the government is not letting them out. They are stuck in the mall because they could have radiation because of a bomb and the government does not want it spreading, so they are keeping them in the mall. One of the events is when Marco find the bomb in the mall. Another main event is when Marco, Shay, Lexi, and Ryan escape the mall to freedom. The point of view in this book is first person. This book has a lot of action.
The theme of this book is to stay calm in a crises. If there is a fire drill at school it is preparing you to stay calm incase of a real fire. You can apply this to you life by staying calm if anything bad happens. If there is a tornado you should stay calm and listen to the news. This book also applies if somebody gets hurt, then you should stay calm and call the hospital. Staying calm is the theme of the book.