Welcome to Oceania

Enjoy peaceful war, intrusive surveillance, and big brother

Location and Features

Located Conveniently on London's Airstrip One. Be sure to take in the breathtaking scenery and admire the towering buildings which house our government administration ministries.

Minipax - This building is in charge of coordinating our war Eastasia or Eurasia. This war is for your protection, remember that.

Miniplenty - This building ensures that the citizens of Oceania have sufficient funds and supplies, such as food and water.

Minitrue- Conducts the press and various media sources to make sure the people are well informed on all current events happening on Airstrip One

Miniluv - Possibly the most important branch of Oceania. Our valiant and tireless police force track down all the traitors and thought criminals to secure the safety of our great society and its people.

Important Facts and Regulations

Oceania has three important slogans that all citizens must live by.

1) War is Peace

2) Freedom is Slavery

3) Ignorance is Strength

Two Minutes Hate

All residents of Oceania must participate in a daily gathering to develop spirit and increase the hatred towards our enemy in the nation's war. Everyone must be in the courtyard at precisely at 12 o'clock. Remember Big Brother is watching you.

Daily Jerk's

The public must take part in daily jerks to maintain a healthy lifestyle, This will also increase longevity and productivity in the work place.

Your Telescreen

Every home has uninstalled screen to monitor citizens and ensure that there are no plots to overthrow beloved big brother. Please do not turn off or intentionally destroy your screen. If the monitor needs assistance to have then repair it immediately. This is for your safety.


This is Oceania's official language, it is derived from only necessary phrases and inspired by the principles of ingsoc. We hope that you will get use to it fairly quickly


Please refrain from any public display's of affection. Also limit your use of words that are not part of Newspeak. Be sure to report any suspicious activity to a local authority as soon as possible, Please note that in order to ensure your well being limit your interaction with paroles as they are considered to be outcasts in society and can cause temptation and influence your thought negatively.

Enjoy Oceania

We are aware that this information can be difficult to comprehend all at once. For this reason we encourage that if you have any further questions, please see a government official.

Welcome to Oceania

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