Beauty of Martin Luther King Jr

Created By: Dallas Allen

Who was he?

Martin Luther King Jr was a civil rights activist and a Baptist minister but more so a role model and a father figure for many people. He was very inspiring and thrived for justice. Martin luther king Jr was a man of his word and influenced others in a positive way. He wanted all colors of people to be treated equally and with respect.
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Why is he famous?

Martin Luther King Jr had such an impact on people in his speeches and through his generosity. He is most famous for his "I Have a Dream" speech which is to this day one of the strongest and most impactful speeches ever heard. He used all his heart and people understood that. He didn't want fame and money, he wanted peace and friendship for all kinds of people.

5 ways Martin Luther was a Leader

  • He stuck to what he said and didn't let others discredit him and get to him.
  • Martin Luther king spoke to thousands of people and impacted their lives in a positive way.
  • He was a minister.
  • a civil rights activist and got people together to make a change.
  • a great father figure for people.

3 similarities we share

  • we would both rather give then receive and have others happy before ourselves.
  • I am well spoken and give good advice just as he did. we would both put 100% effort in helping someone in need of help.
  • we both see racism as disgusting and meaningless. I will treat you right if you treat me right. Thats how we both look at it.

now and later.

  • taking after the respectful and proper lifestyle of Martin Luther King Jr will get you success and respect in life.
  • being good to others pays off and others will respect you and be loyal to you because you are to them.
  • as a grown man i will never judge a man by his skin color, i will judge him off his character and how he presents himself
  • In the future it will help me to stand up for what i believe. he makes you want to spread his practice and belief.
  • Martin Luther King Jr gives me hope and puts light on the fact that there are great people out there who would never hurt you.

Take Away

Martin Luther king was a man of his word and that made people respect him, he opened my eyes upon the fact of stand for what you believe in and always be good to others no matter what. A good leader is good to people too. He never made himself appear to be some hero or anything for ego. He wanted to help america come together as a whole and whites and black should love one another. He was best for his humbleness and being respectful. i will take after those things because i believe its the right thing to do and he right way to go about your life.