Animals effect on humans

by Alana brennan

Percentages and first Domestication.

About 65 percent household owners have pets and around 45 percent has more than one pet.

The first animal to be domesticated was CE 600 and was a European rabbit.

How beneficial is it emotionally and physically to get a pet and are there negative aspects?

Having pets has been prevent to lower blood pressure and their owners usually become more exercised and social. Pet owners also tend to have more responsibility. Pet owners also have a less chance of stress and depression. Pets also increase personal safety.

Moving on to cons. Most pets require attention and you need time to take care of them. They can sometimes cost a lot and the environment around them can be hazard to them. If you have a strict schedule be prepared for it to be messed up since most animals don't go by schedules and just like to spend time with their owners

Gender behavior difference.

animals don't have a set way they behave towards one gender it is learned through their owners or those they look up to. For example if someone with a higher pitched voice has a dog it will have a easier time befriending those with higher pitched voices since it was raised about it.

Words to learn.

Cognitive a mental action

melodious a pleasing sound to hear. Calming

avid showing a interest in something