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Fundations (January)

*Blending and reading three-sound short vowel words (CVC Words)

*Upper-case letter formation

*Sight Words: to, my, it, are

Reading Workshop (January)

Reading Unit of Study: Applying Print Strategies in Just-Right Books

1) Readers are thoughtful when making book choices.

2) Readers use their phonological and phonemic awareness alongside understanding of phonics to figure out tricky words.

3) Readers are resourceful when making meaning, using a variety of strategies to understand their books.

4) Partners support each other to build comprehension, fluency and self-monitor.

*Guided Reading Groups

Writing Workshop (January)

Writing Unit of Study: Reviewing Literature: Analyzing Books, Authors and Illustrators

1) Kindergarteners write how they feel (their opinion) about their book, author and/or illustrator in the leads of their reviews.

2) Writers end their reviews with a last page or section for their readers.

3) Writers may (with support) provide a supporting reason as to how they feel about the books, authors and/or illustrators they are reviewing.

4) Writers use linking words (e.g. because) to connect opinion and reasons.

5) Kindergarteners write for their readers by representing initial sounds and attempting to represent ending letter sounds for words.

6) Writers attempt to spell all word wall words accurately in their reviews.

7) Writers use spaces to make their writing clear for their readers.

Math (January)

*Children classify and sort attribute blocks by shape and size and then count and compare the blocks in each group.

*Children explore, recognize, and describe shapes and their attributes by touch.

*Children group themselves according to their favorite colors and create a graph to represent and analyze the results.

*Children use calculators to practice reading and recording numbers to represent objects.

*Children mentally compose and decompose numbers and relate quantities to 5 and 10 on ten frames to develop fact strategies.

*Children count and recognize numbers 10 through 19 in a movement activity.

*Children combine pattern blocks in different ways to make a hexagon.

*Children reengage with their work to consider many ways to cover a hexagon.

*Children use connecting cubes to compose and decompose numbers in multiple ways.

*Children compare the weights of objects through an exploration of the pan balance.

*Children compare the capacities of containers.

*Children learn and practice skip counting by 10s.

*Children play a game with number cards to practice comparing written numbers.

*Children explore the Number Grid and use it as a counting tool.

Social Studies (January)

*Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

*Marking Period 2 Assessments Given