by jon jones


hindus believe in harmony among religions and hindus belive in god the father and/or mother of the universe

hindus believe thet the universe has a endless cycle


most hindus eat indain foodsome are vegetarian,but others are only vegetarian on fridayor on other selected days of the week

mango tree

the mango is a symbol and the mango tree means everthing past presant and future



thisis a festival dedicated to sri krishna celebrating his birth

maha shivarathrh

this is a festivaldevoted to lord shiva


here are some of the main

ganesh,shiva,hanuman,druga and laksimi

fun fact

Most familys have a praying room and they pray every day

The word hindu comes from river indus

Hindu comes from india

Hinduism is the oldest religion

Hinduism is the worlds largest religion with more than 900,000,000 followers

cow,elephant,snake peacock are closely associated with the religion

do you now that apu from the simpsons is hindu

it has no founder

the most famous text of the hindu religion are written in sanskrit and called the vedas vedas means knowledge


most of the hindus live in india,nepal and srui lanka

about 80% of hindus live in india

place of worship

the place worship is called a temple


hinduism is the oldest religion among the existing larger religons

it was made 400 years ago