Third Grade Thrills

December 7, 2015 - Mrs. Krogmann's Class

Water and Climate Science Unit

The kiddos are really enjoying our science investigations! We have been discussing the water cycle in class. Last week we did two experiments to discover what conditions were right to cause a wet paper towel and water in various containers to evaporate. We learned that temperature, exposed surface area, and humidity are key factors. This week we will be investigating condensation. Below you can see our class working in groups to set up their condensation experiments.

Human Growth and Development Video

On Friday our class watched the third grade video and had a good discussion afterwards. Here were the kiddos' big take-aways from the hygiene video about how to stay healthy and feel good about ourselves:

  • Brush your teeth and tongue 2 times a day, floss at least once.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds.
  • Cough and sneeze in elbow, not hands.
  • Wash hair and body at least every other day.
  • Wear clean clothes everyday.

Spelling and Word Work Update

Beginning this trimester, we will be transitioning our spelling program from sight words to Words their Way. We have been using Words their Way within the classroom to look at patterns in words and to sort them based on their characteristics. Now these words will be used on our weekly spelling tests. This will continue to be a differentiated spelling program as the kids are placed in word sort groups based on their instructional needs. We will be taking a pretest this week. Look for your child's Word Sort spelling to come home this Friday. Packets will be due on Thursday,and spelling tests will remain on Thursday as well. More details about your child's Word Sort homework responsibilities will come home on Friday.


  • Our Christmas program is tonight. The concert begins at 7:00pm. Students may join their teachers in the little theater at the intermediate school beginning at 6:30pm while parents scope out their spot for the concert.

  • December book orders are due tomorrow (Tuesday, December 8th) at 4pm. This will ensure delivery of books before Winter Break. If you would like me to hold onto books for a Christmas present, please send me an email to let me know.

  • We will be participating in Hour of Code this week This is a one-hour introduction to computer science to help nurture problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity.

Melissa Krogmann

3rd Grade Teacher, Mother of 3 Energetic Boys with my Husband, John