Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

January 11-15th

We had a wonderful week in Kindergarten! Please read below to find our what we learned:

Language Arts: We reviewed our sight words. We learned the new sight word went. We will reviewed animal fantasy. We discussed what comparing and contrasting is. We read the concept reader Children. Students discussed the actions that babies can do and the actions that big kids can do. Then the Students wrote a comparison about actions they did as babies and actions they do now. We read the trade book Little Quack. We discussed the characters, setting and plot of the story. We discussed how the character Little Quack was scared and brave in the story. We discussed and wrote about a time we were brave. The students also worked in differentiated reading groups. We focused on learning good reading strategies (using our pointy finger, using the pictures as clues, sounding out the words, etc..) Students read books with our sight words in them. The students will also work in literacy centers focusing on middle sounds, word building , and sight word writing writing.

Letters of the week: This week we focused on the letter i. Students will focus on learning median vowel sounds. Students will focus on word families and words with the sound of: a, e, i , o u and sometimes y in the middle of words. Students will complete literacy centers on these skills. Students will write words with these sounds and read books focusing on each sound.

Math: Students learned how to join numbers together to form and make a larger number. Students used math manipulatives to help them complete numerous critical thinking activities. Students learn the math terms : add, plus, equal sum and in all. Students use their critical thinking skills to complete math problems. Students made up their own addition number stories. Students used dice and dominoes to help them add numbers together to find the sum!

Social Studies/ Science : We learned about diversity and what it means to be different. We read numerous books about ways we are different. We made a new class book about ways we are different. Students also worked in cooperative learning groups to write about how they are like their partner and how they are different.

Pictures from the week:

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

  • No school MONDAY for Martin Luther King Holiday!
  • We will have an open house Next, Thursday during the day. Students should wear their formal uniforms.
  • Don't forget to sign up and RSVP to come to the First Grade Look Ahead night on January 27th!!!!

Have a super long Weekend!!!