Amerigo Vespucci

America's Namesake

Amerigo's Life Before Exploration

Amerigo was the third child in a cultured family and was born March 9,1451 and was born in Florence Italy. Amerigo got his early education from his paternal uncle ( a friar named Giorgio Antonio Vespucci).In his early 20's Amerigo was given a task from another uncle (he was named Guido Antonio Vespucci and) the task was a brief diplomatic mission to Paris. This trip was believed to be the reason Amerigo ended up an explorer. Amerigo had many other jobs after that most were in business but he also seemed to have a job that was with the Medici family were many believe he learned about exploration

Amerigo's Expeditions and Exploration

According to a letter that Amerigo may have written after leaving Cadiz on the day of May 10,1497, it took Amerigo only 5 weeks to get to central America meaning that Amerigo could have discovered Central America before Columbus.Then in May 1499 Amerigo went on his next expedition under the command of Alonzo De Ojeda. While crossing modern day Guinea Amerigo left Ojeda and went off on his own and discovered st. Cape Augustine and the Amazon River. After going on three more expeditions and also discovered Rio, Bahia, and the island of South Georgia before passing away of Malaria in Seville Spain on the day of February 22 1512 at the age of 57
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