Fandom Club Newsletter

April 2016

For Whovians

Sadly, Doctor Who does not exist on Netflix anymore, but the new spinoff Class is due to start filming. Peter Capaldi is rumored to make a guest appearance.

For Trekkies

Star Trek Beyond is coming out in July, and soon after, a Star Trek TV show!

For Star Warriors

Rogue 1, the new Star Wars movie, will be out in December. Click this for more info:

For Otakus (anime and/or manga)

RIN-NE 2 series planned to premiere in April.

Duel Masters gets a 3D Anime Short Film.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Game for PS4/ Vita came out in Japan.

Amazon Prime to Stream Kabaneri of Iron Fortress anime from Attack on Titan team.

Check here for more info:

For Sherlockians (Sherlock)

Season 4 of Sherlock has finally started filming. We should hear some hints and clues about it soon.

For Potterheads (Harry Potter)

On July 31st, The Cursed Child is coming out in book version. Also, stay tuned for more writing from J.K Rowling on Pottermore.

For Supernatural Fans

Season 11 is still airing!

For Comic Fans

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Jusitce has arrived, and Captain America Civil War is coming soon. Press this link to find pictures of Doctor Strange, the movie coming out in November.

For Gaming Fans

There is no actual news, so just keep gaming!