Happenings in the McClain Library


New Non-Fiction

Some of us prefer to read books set in cold hard facts. We want to know how something works, why someone made decision A instead of B, or how a series of events came to be. No made up stories for us. We pick non-fiction books over fiction.

A library science researcher once interviewed 194 avid readers to discover why some readers turn to non-fiction over fiction reads. She discovered the following reading tidbits:

  1. An interest in a particular subject can trump the distinction between fiction and nonfiction.
  2. Exclusive nonfiction readers say they want to read about things that are “real.”
  3. Some readers reported that nonfiction was easier than fiction to read when you were likely to be interrupted.
  4. Some readers feel they “should” read nonfiction to increase their knowledge.
  5. Readers read nonfiction to follow up on their interests in and engagement with the world.
  6. Sometimes readers don’t want to do something; they just want to read about it.
  7. Part of the joy of reading is serendipitous discovery.

If you find yourself looking for something a bit more "real" to read, then here is a list of the newest non-fiction titles the library added to its circulating collection. Please stop by and check them out!