Fall Semester of 2015

Stephanie Madden / 12-10-15

Stephanie Goes to State in Cross Country!

Cross Country is a thing that i'm good at, and that I can go far with. This year as a freshmen I went to state, and got 40th place at state, but it was the best experience I have ever had. Since my dad is the coach he makes me run a lot at my house, in fact almost everyday. It's all worth it in the end though, when you realized you put all that work in for something really important that you accomplished in your life. Cross Country is my passion, and I will always be on the move with it.

The A&M Field Trip

This year we got to tour (with a tour person of course) a University college campus, to see if we want to go there. The whole high school got to see the Campus, and the rec center. I saw someone jump on a diving board into the water. We also got to try the midnight yell, we did it, it was alright but not the best. We also went to a presentation that shows us about college at A&M, like what we have to achieve to go there. Then we ate lunch at the Chicken and Oil Company, which was very good. Then we went to a store that sold A&M shirts and christmas decorations, but I didn't get anything from there. After the field trip I realized that A&M is a pretty nice place after all.

The English Play

This year we did a play for our English class, it was about our book that was over a play. There was groups with different people, and we all did different things. It was really fun, because each of us individual got to express our feelings, and act crazy and our self in the play. Everyone did great with their part, and their time period, and everything they picked out. These plays were so funny, and even more fun to do.