Loveland Leader

September 2021


The mission of Loveland elementary school, in partnership with our actively involved community, is to promote excellence and instill a desire for learning by challenging each individual within a safe, supportive environment.

Loveland's Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Dear Loveland Families,

I would like to express a huge thank you to the entire Loveland staff, parents, students, and community for helping get this year off to a great start.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I value your feedback and look forward to working with you to make a positive and productive school year for your child.

-Ms. Hornung

Calendar Reminders

Sept. 3 No School

Sept. 6 No School - Labor Day

Sept. 13 Community Club Meeting 7 pm

Sept. 16-27 Loveland Launch

Sept. 21 Picture Day 8:45 am

Oct. 4 Community Club Meeting 7 pm

Oct. 11 Book Fair/Library 3:30-6 pm

Oct. 12 Book Fair/Library 3:30-6 pm

Oct. 13 Book Fair/Library 3:30-7 pm

Oct. 14 Parent/Teacher Communication 4-8 pm

Oct. 15 No School

Oct. 18 No School

Oct. 29 Halloween Parade & Parties 1:45 pm


Loveland Reminders

*Lost and Found is located in our lower level hallway across from Mrs. Rinn’s room. Have your child check it out if they have lost something.

*If you are bringing a forgotten item during the school day, we have created a drop zone for parents to deliver items and leave them in our vestibule. When you arrive at school, please hit the buzzer and we will direct you to place items on the cabinet in the vestibule. We will then deliver the items to your child(ren).

*Keep your phone numbers and email addresses up to date at all times. Call the school to make a change.

*If you are going to be late or absent, call the office and let us know.

*Currently, we are not allowing visitors for lunch.


School Pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 21st starting at 8:45 am.

Parent-Teacher Communication Meetings

Parent-Teacher Communication Meetings will be held October 13th & 14th. Teachers will communicate with parents via a Webex meeting or in-person. Please look for a conference invite from your child’s teacher in backpacks soon.

Please Mark Personal Items

Please make sure to mark all jackets, lunch boxes, backpacks and other student items with their NAME in case they are left around the building or out at recess. This helps us get them back to the right owner.

First Friday Spirit Day!

Each first Friday of the month is Loveland Spirit Day. On this day we all wear our Loveland logo wear or school colors, blue and white, to show our spirit. It’s a fun day filled with terrific Loveland spirit! The first Friday Spirit Day is Friday, September 10th.

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Loveland Traffic Update

• Please note the “No Parking Zones” on Ridgewood during drop-off and pick-up times. By continually rolling forward, you can help keep traffic moving safely.

• I would strongly encourage everyone to ride bikes or walk to school during these nice weather days.

• Teachers will continue to accompany students outside and wait until 3:45 (3:15 on Wednesdays). If a child has not been picked up, the staff member will bring them to the office to wait for the parent.

Thank you for helping keep Loveland safe!


Westside Community Schools continues the implementation of MTSS, which stands

for Multi-Tiered System of Supports. MTSS in Westside assures that we regularly

monitor student skills and follow-up with providing students what they need to be

successful in learning. Beginning in August and September this means that we first

screen all students to determine their current skill levels and plan our instruction to

meet their needs.

What is MTSS? MTSS is a framework for providing instruction and support to

promote the academic and behavioral success of all children. Individual children’s

progress and skills are measured, and these results are used to make decisions about

further instruction and intervention. The MTSS process is flexible and allows for a

continuum of supports designed to meet the needs of individual students. This

support may be provided in a large or small group by the classroom teacher or other

support staff, either within or outside the classroom.

What does this mean for my child? A key component of the MTSS process is that

all children receive high quality instruction in their classroom. Universal screenings

are brief tests used to measure the progress of all students and are given three times

per year. As a result of the screenings, students may be identified as needing some

degree of supplemental intervention in addition to the instruction they are receiving

in their classroom. If your child is identified as needing intervention you will be

notified. Please contact your child’s building principal with questions.

Nebraska Reading Improvement Act: The Nebraska Reading Improvement Act

went into effect at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. The goal is that all

Nebraska students are able to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade.

This is accomplished by ensuring all students have access to high-quality instruction

and for struggling readers to receive targeted support (intervention). Our current

MTSS framework in Westside Community Schools already allows for us to meet

these state requirements. Also, the more students continue to read, review math

facts, and write/journal each day at home, in addition to their instruction from

school, the more secure their skills may become.

Thank You

Thank you for attending the 2021-22 Curriculum Night. Curriculum Night is one of the most important nights of the school year. Your participation and active role in your child’s education is critical to his/her development in school.

Online Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Check out Westside Community Schools Online Breakfast and Lunch Menu!

Friday Food Bags

“Friday Food Bags” will begin on Thursday, September 3rd. These are packs delivered by the Food Bank; students bring home the packs for the weekend each Friday. The packs include non-perishable meals (two breakfasts and two lunches or dinners). If we do not have school on a Friday, packs will come home on the last school day of the week. Students who have participated in the past can start bringing the bags home the week of August 30. If you would be interested in receiving the bags and have not in the past, please contact Mrs. Gnader. Your participation in this program is confidential.

Courtenay Gnader, Ed.S., NCSP

School Psychologist

Loveland Elementary School

My Gallup Strengths: Developer, Communication, Belief, Empathy, Individualization

Office: (402) 408-8868

​​Safety Update:

Westside Community Schools use a safety protocol at the K-12 level called the SRP (Standard Response Protocol). Area schools and local law enforcement agencies have adopted this language across the metro. The following are key terms the Loveland staff will use during our safety drills.

Key Terms:


o During a lock-out situation, there isn’t an immediate threat inside the building, rather there may be a reasonable threat in the area. During a lock-out situation, school will remain in typical operating procedures (inside) but no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building.


o During a lock-down situation, there is an immediate threat inside the building. Students and staff are instructed to lock the classroom doors, shut off the lights, and move to a secure area of a classroom that cannot be seen from the hallway.

Reunification location

o In the unfortunate event of a crisis resulting in an evacuation of our school, the reunification location is at the Community Conference Center at 108th and Grover.

School buses will take our students to the reunification center where families will be waiting.

We will continue to practice and teach the following procedures throughout the school year. If you have any questions please call Ms. Hornung at 390-6455.

WHS Football Games

While we welcome all students at our Westside High Football Games, we want to ensure families and students know the rules, to ensure the safety of all involved.

  • All elementary students attending the game will need to attend the game with a parent and sit with a parent.
  • No footballs or other balls allowed in the stadium.
  • Middle school students will sit in the bleachers in the SE corner of the end zone. Middle school students will buy a ticket at the main gate and enter from the student side. We are asking middle school students to show ID at the game.
  • Middle school students will use the upper concession stand and portable restrooms in the South east corner of the stadium.

Students who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave. Thank you for your help to make sure our game atmosphere is positive for all who attend!

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