Health care

Is health care important to you?

Is health care important?

Is health care important?

Have you ever had a family member or friend pass away because of no health care?

How did you feel after that.. Were you angry, depressed,embarrassed because no one would help you?

Would you let someone suffer?

• Its the same as seeing someone fall in he middle of the street and breaking a bone in there body would you take them to the hospital or leave them there because there not your responsibility?

• Should someone die because they can't afford to pay for health care

Help people that are in need

• if a person is calling out for help and need money for health care help them

• I feel as people should be given help when needed and that's basically letting someone suffer I don't know about you but what kind of person does that?

• Should the person die just because they can't afford it?

Would you want help if it was you?

• Doctors make more doctors make more money by excessive health care so why isn't it allowed?

• People are two selfish and worried that they will get a free market and would ease through life

Family comes first

• So if you had a family member in danger of dying would you want help or watch them suffer?

• I love my family so if we cant afford something like "Health Care" and they would just have to kill her or him I would be very emotional and depressed.

• Everybody wants or needs help at some point so helps them.