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Hicksville Middle School

Welcome to Room 237!

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What Happened Last Week

  1. Air Currents: Students explored Earth's air currents throughout the week, completing two My Big Campus video homework assignments and a quiz (10-points). Classes even acted out global wind bands in the mezzanine to help learn about these major currents!

Check this out! Monday's Convection Demonstration

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In this demonstration, two sets of warm (yellow) and cold (blue) milk jars were combined, with students making observations and conclusions based off of last week's notes. See if your student can explain to you what happened in this demonstration!

What to Expect this Week

  1. Notes & Homework: Students will continue their study of currents by focusing on ocean currents with a series of notes, demonstrations, and homework. Video homework assignments will be assigned on Monday and Tuesday, with students required to watch a short segment posted to My Big Campus and answer a series of questions before the start of the next day's class.
  2. Quiz: Students will end the week by completing a quiz over the week's notes and vocabulary on Friday (12/12). Related ocean current vocabulary has been posted to Quizlet.

This website features flashcards and games to help your student study unit vocabulary in preparation for quizzes and tests. Click the button above to visit the website.

Class Dojo

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