Maths CPD 2013-2014

How can we guarantee every child learns in Maths?

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Fifteen years ago, John Mighton worked with a ten year old who couldn’t count up in twos. Three years later she was in an academic class, taking mathematics modules from the year above. He says he teaches in a way ‘that no child can fail to grasp.’ Twenty years ago Michel Thomas worked with classes in inner-city schools in the US, successfully teaching disaffected young people to speak French. In 1997 he repeated his success here in the UK with a group who were told they would never learn another language. He says that his is a ‘new and different approach to learning,’ and believed that ‘anyone could be taught anything.’ Thirty years ago Siegfried Engelmann developed maths and reading programmes for the largest piece of education research ever undertaken. His course significantly outperformed all others in academic, cognitive and affective achievement. He says ‘I have never seen a kid with an IQ of over 80 that could not be taught to read in a timely manner (one school year)… I’ve never seen a kid that could not be taught arithmetic and language skills.’

The past few decades of cognitive science have yielded untold insight into our cognitive architecture, and the nature of intelligence. The revelations of this field of study finally help us to understand how teachers like Mighton, Thomas, Engelmann and others have achieved such remarkable success; they show us what the methods of these teachers had in common, and how we can all replicate their results.

This course begins by sharing their view that, except in a case of serious cognitive disability, any child is equipped to learn anything. We then look at what it takes to make this happen.

Course Content

Part 1
The architecture of the mind: the interplay between working memory and long term memory

Part 2
Cognitive Overload: what is it, and how is it stopping your pupils from learning?

Part 3
Instructional design: classroom techniques shown to reduce cognitive overload, and maximise learning

Part 4
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