Two of My Hobbies

By- Joaquin Ramirez


My favorite hobby is watching & playing soccer with my friends almost every week..It makes me feel better after having a long day & week of school.
My favorite team is Real Madrid & I enjoy playing as a winger. My favorite soccer player is Angel Di Maria, & I don't wish to be like him. I want to be better than him. (easier said than done)

The Legend of Zelda

When ever I have nothing to do in the evening, what I like to do is play video games. I don't really pay attention to either PS3 nor XBox because I like to play old school games. My favorite console is probably the Nintendo 64, & my favorite video game is probably The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The Legend of Zelda series is my favorite type of video games to play because of the storylines, music, cut-scenes, graphics, the difficult puzzles, & the way it can make you feel for a character.