Weekly Notes

January 19-23, 2015

Focus of the Week: Self-Control

Monday- MLK Day!

K, 1, 2- Jefferson

3,4,5- Vandenberg

8:15 Sign in

3:55 Sign out

Specials- Jefferson


Sue @ Central Office- AM


Sue @ Admin Meeting- AM

Sylvia- Meet and Greet @ 4PM with 2nd grade class


End of 2nd Marking Period

PBIS Meeting @ 8:45

Jefferson Counseling Meeting @ 9:30AM (Sue M, Emily C, Thomasene)

Attendance Meeting @ 10AM (Sue M., Emily C)

Maintenance Meeting @ 11:30


Records Day

Title I Interviews- AM

Lunch Buckets

Please make sure to have the students bring buckets down to lunch every day. After students go outside, lunch buckets will be placed outside of the gym doors. Please have a student or two come to pick them up after lunch.

31-A Time Again!

Please make sure to update your 31-A sheets with the data from this card marking. Eligibility changes for students who qualify for this portion of funding as their circumstances change throughout the year

The new sheet will be sent to you via email Some of you worked very hard on extending the cells so that they were on one large sheet, but that ended up not being printable. If you could save your class on two separate sheets and send both my way, it would be greatly appreciated. If you already had yours saved like this, then it is as easy as updating.

If you are using a sheet from last year, please make sure to use the updated sheets from this year.

Money for Events

Please make sure to send money down for events as soon as they come in- Katie Schalk is usually counting money each day and reporting back to JCC so that we get accurate counts for planning purposes instead of the day of.

Flyers Going Home

Please send flyers home as soon as you can. One of the things that JCC parents noticed was that some of their students had flyers go home after events, or they noticed that their child didn't get the flyer at all. Please get flyers out as soon as possible!

Yay, Monica!

Give Monica a pat on the back for getting her class to make Christmas cards for the 204th ASMC out of Minnesota. The morale of those serving overseas was lifted through her 4th graders' cards!

PLC Word of the Week: Summative Assessment

Summative assessment is used to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a defined instructional period.