World War II Events

World War II

These will be some of the most important U.S. World War II events

Word War II starts- Apr 1 1940

Hitler attacks small countries.

U.S. fleet moves to Pearl Harbor- 1940

The U.S. fleet moves to Pearl Harbor, and have a base there.

U.S. defends Iceland- 1941

U.S. defends Iceland through WWII.

Japan strikes- 1941

Japanese fighter planes attack the base at Pearl Harbor.

Roosevelt dies- 1945

President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies.

Hitler suicide-1945

Hirtler commits suicide in Berlin.

Allied Power- 1945

Allied Powers meet, and break up Germany.

Atomic bombs- 1945

U.S. drops atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

2 Bomb- 1945

Second atomic bomb dropped in Nagusaki.

World War ends- Sep 2 1945

A surrender is conducted in Tokyo bay on U.S. battleship.
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