The Giver

Lois Lowry, Kobe Jackson


The story is about a young boy named Jonas. He lives in a community that has no worries or conflict. Everyone follows they're daily routines and obeys the laws of the community. But, all of that is going to change. When Jonas is chosen to be the new receiver of memory, he starts to unravel the secrets of the community and the lies that the elders have told. He has the help of an old man only known as the Giver. The Giver helps Jonas with his gift and teaches him new things like feelings. He also helped Jonas escape from the community so when he passes the Memory Barrier, all of the memories that were transferred to Jonas goes back to the community and everything goes back to normal.

Main Character (Jonas)

In the beginning of the book, Jonas is a 11. He has two friends named Fiona and Asher. When Jonas becomes a twelve, he assigned the job of Receiver Of Memory. A old man only going by the name of The Giver teaches him how to receive the memories. Challenges that Jonas has to go through were: escaping from the community without getting caught and having to lie to his family about what he does as Receiver.

Other Important Charcters

Quote From Novel

"I have great honor," The Giver said. " So will you. But you will find that is not the sam as power."

Teacher- Like Questions and Overall Rating

1. What was the first memory The Giver transmitted to Jonas?

2. What happened to the people of the community when they were released?

3. What did Jonas see when he made it to the top of the snowy hill at the end of the book?

What i didn't like about this book is the ending. I think the writer should have at least shown us what happened to Jonas. Overall I give it a rating of 3 stars.