Team Talk

February 8, 2016

ILT Support Sessions-Enhancing PBL

This Thursday, the Instructional Leadership Team will provide its first project support sessions. Three offerings will be provided based on the needs you identified during your Monday PLC. The goal of the sessions is to enhance your PBL toolkit in order to ensure students receive high quality PBL instruction. Sessions will begin promptly at 8:15 and are held in the rooms noted below:

Session 1 Why are we learning this? Creating Relevance for Students in PBL Room 351A

Session 2 Mirror Mirror: Reflect and Revise Room 351B

Session 3 Set the Mark: Making Benchmarks Matter Room 348

As we engage in this work, let's remember our commitment to being a solution-oriented, collaborative team that is committed to creating a positive environment that fuels risk taking in the pursuit of excellence in project-based learning.

Attitude is everything. No energy vampires allowed!

Student Engagment Survey Results

Student engagement results by teacher have been placed in your mailboxes. Overall student engagement results fell in the some to quite a bit range. As we continue to ensure we refine our ability to delivery high quality PBL experienced to our students, student engagement and standards mastery results will increase.

Special thanks to Ms. Lane for putting the data together!

Learning Walks

The division Academic Facilitators will conduct Learning Walks in math and humanities classrooms Wednesday, February 10th. The walk will focus on the quality of instruction.

DeVeaux's Schedule

DTR Observation

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 8:15-10:15am

6012 East Grand Avenue

Dallas, TX