Solutions to Littering

Don't Mess With Texas

Littering is a problem at every level.

Household- Citizens' tax dollars have to be used in order to clean a lot of it up

Business Firms- It looks bad and can make a business look unappealing if it is on their property, keeping potential customers from seeking out their business.

Government- Has to spend tax dollars on programs to clean trash up instead of being able to use that money on programs that could help our economy.

Rest of the World- It is bad for the environment! Trash is already bad enough getting buried in landfills, now you have it directly affecting water sources, soil, and some animals that may eat it.

There are so many negative effects

The solutions are simple!

1. Volunteer work can be traded for needed community service hours or flyers can be put up to see if anyone just wants to help out.
2. Paid clean up could be a possibility, although it should be the last resort.
3. Setting up more trashcans should encourage people to throw something away rather than throwing it on the ground.

Best Solution

Volunteer clean up is definitely the best solution because it has no costs. You do not need to take community tax dollars to pay anyone and they don't get in the way or cause noise pollution.
More trash cans would be next but with that you have to have someone who is going to change out trash bags and that would probable end up being a payed employee.

spread the word

If there were flyers to spread the word and everyone began to pick up trash on the ground when they saw it then many hands would make a light load! The fastest way to decrease littering is to spread the word.

For the record

you can get fined a whole lot of money for littering so not only is it bad for the environment, but the government can fine you. This is a solution that has already been in place for several years


There really isn't any negative externalities for volunteer work because the people doing it are doing it because they want to help. And all of the clean up are positive effects so it easily the best decision for a solution.