GB Men's Water Polo Weekly Update

Week of October 12, 2014

A Very Busy Week

Ok, we have arrived to the busiest week of the water polo season just when you were thinking how can it get any busier! This is a result of two changes after games were already scheduled.

Although it will be busy with family, work, school, budget, bills, and water polo, it will be a lot of fun. Just think! When you arrive at each game, you can temporarily forget about all your other responsibilities and enjoy watching your son.


October 13 through October 20, 2014

Monday - Practice

Tuesday - Game, Home against Ann Arbor Huron

Wednesday - Game, Home against Haslett

Thursday - Game. Away against Grand Ledge

Friday - Varsity Practice

Friday - JV Walled Lake Tournament (Schedule); Meet time is 3:25 pm; Map

Saturday - Varsity Birmingham Groves Tournament (Schedule); Meet time is 7:00 am; Map

Saturday - JV Walled Lake Tournament (Schedule); Meet time is 8:25 am


Monday - Game, Home against Chelsea; Senior Night

Tentative Date for Banquet

Monday, Nov. 3rd, 6pm

1223 E Grand Blanc Rd

Grand Blanc, MI

George and Karen Rizik are making arrangements for our banquet and will provide definitive details as soon as possible.

Space is limited and we will let you know how many family members can attend once details are finalized. Of course, the minimum number is three.

There will be a cost to pay for food and you can expect to pay $15 to $20 per person.