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Staff Newsletter for 2015-2016, Episode 5

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Since this is the time for goblins and bats,

Halloween spirits, ghosts, and cats.

Weird happenings and witch's brew,

These are the things we wish for you...

May the only ghost that comes your way,

Be the Holy Ghost to guide your way.

May the only spirits you chance to meet,

Be the spirits of love and friendship sweet.

These are our Halloween wishes for you...

May God bless you in everything you do.

It's no TRICK, I just want to say,

It's a...

TREAT to know you each and every day!

May this be a week full of sweet times with your students and your families!

You are loved and appreciated!

Melissa and Ashley

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DI Time: Enrichment and Intervention

We have made a slight adjustment to our expectations for DI time. Your team is expected to implement DI time 3x per week. For most of you this will allow for you to keep Mondays as your Words Their Way day without also trying to incorporate your DI time. We will discuss this more at our Faculty Learning on Wednesday. We are waiting on our Title I funds to purchase additional materials to make this time what we need it to be. Thank you again for beginning the process and know we will continue to learn more about how to best utilize this time together.
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Red Ribbon Week Events

"Respect Yourself": Tuesday, October 27th - Wear Red

"Drug Free from Head to Toe": Wednesday, October 28th - Crazy Hair and Crazy Socks

"Too Bright to Do Drugs": Thursday, October 29th - Wear Neon and Sunglasses

"Say Boo to Drugs": Friday, October 30th - Wear Costumes

Please remember you may wear jeans on any of the days you participate in dress up!

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Spirit Store Update!

We will reopen our Spirit Store this Friday, October 30th. We will have new items available this week including our NEW SPIRIT STICKS! We will be sending home an updated price sheet along with new available items in Thursday folders. We will continue to have the spirit store open once a week until November 14th. Then we will open it once a month.

I know this has been a sacrifice of time on your part so thank you so much for encouraging your students to participate! We have made a great deal of money that will help in launching our Spirit Stick effort for rewards and incentives. Beginning this next week we will be utilizing spirit sticks for Perfect Attendance for each Nine Weeks, Birthdays, and Box Top Rewards. We will be sharing additional information with you about other possible ideas we can use the spirit sticks for once we get the initials ones in and excitement begins to grow in our students.

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Looking Ahead: October and November Blueprint

  • October 26: Parent Conferences
  • October 27 - 30: Red Ribbon Week
  • October 27: Assessment Review - Wacky Wednesday Schedule
  • October 28: Faculty Learning (4:00 - 5:30)
  • October 29: Wacky Wednesday Schedule -- Extended Planning Time
  • October 30: Character Day and Ghoulish Games Assembly (8:30)
  • October 30: 3rd Grade Program (1:00 and 2:15)
  • October 30: "Happy Halloweiner" - Hot Dog Luncheon for Staff
  • November 3: Math Leads attend Best Teaching Strategies for Math (Reg 7)
  • November 4: Sunshine Committee and Safety/Security Committee Meetings
  • November 5/6: RtI for Grades K-2
  • November 6: Kindergarten Field Trip to Zoo
  • November 6: Fundraiser Delivery
  • November 10: Design Team Meeting
  • November 11: CHAMPS Committee Meeting
  • November 12/13: RtI for Grade 3
  • November 12: SVIT Committee Meeting

***Please see campus calendar for additional information and details.
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Have an AMAZING Week!