Walking in the soccer cleats

Soccer cleats

History of soccer cleats

King Henry Vll is the first person to have shoemaker Cornelius around 1525. Although there were technically soccer cleats, the first soccer cleats shoes were created in England in 1525 by Cornelius Johnson. There was King Henry Vll personal shoe maker. They were listed in the great wardrobe of 1576 which was a shopping list of the day, which is how they became so popular. The first cleats were made of strong let her and were made of strong were hever then shoes today. To make there shoes have more grip you have to add nails at the bottom of the shoes. A lot of people that play soccer they where cleats because it has a great grip.

Why I pick soccer cleats

I picked soccer cleats because soccer is my favorite sport and I love soccer cleats that is why I picked them.

My story

Dear fans , I was trying to give you a autograph but this guy was rushing me out the field. But I tell him let me sign the autographs so fans please don't hate me because I can't sign the autograph