Gerner Cub News ~ 4/20-24/15

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National Week of the Young Child

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Grandparents Day

Spring Fling!

Kudos to all of our staff who volunteered in preparation for or that day of the Spring Fling. We had an AMAZING turnout and raised $4908.25 as a building!

Tickets ~ $1,979.25

Silent Auction ~ $1,829.00

Vendors ~ $245.00

Book Fair ~ $855.00 (Sales - $3694.77)

TOTAL RAISED = $4908.25

This was an increase from last year's Spring Fling!

Gerner Fundraising

The Gerner Center has two primary sources of fundraising - Gerner Center and PTA. The Gerner Center fundraising includes: Papa John's, Little Angels Pictures, Spring Fling, Box Tops and the 5K Fun Run.

The allocations for next year's budget from fundraising is:

Staff Meals & Building T-Shirts ~ this is provided by any fundraising involving staff, not parents - $1500.00

PBIS - $500.00

ECSE/Title I/Bright Futures Field Trips - $2000.00 (with additional funding from PTA)

TOTAL = $4000.00

Current Balance = $8879 (with Spring Fling deposit)

Anticipated additional revenue through end of year = $1200 (Lil Angels and Papa Johns)


Since we had additional funding raised from the Spring Fling than anticipated, Building Leadership Team will be reviewing the budget to determine how additional funds will be spent (technology, PBIS, etc.). Due to all communication to parents regarding the use of funds dedicated to technology, PBIS, field trips and playground equipment, these are the only areas in which we can purchase from. Our goal is to spend 85% of funding each year, since our families are only in the building for 2-3 years at most. All budget items are be tied directly to the BSIP goals and strategies.

Parenting Videos ~ Birth through Kindergarten

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Here are some excellent parent videos from Parents as Teachers from 0 to school entry. Feel free to share on your websites and with families!

Schedule of Events ~ 4/20-4/23/2015

Saturday, April 18th - We still need volunteers!

Spring Fling 9 a.m. to noon

Monday, April 20th

1:00 p.m. EOYC PreK rehearsal (upstairs MPR)

1:45 p.m. Channel 18 and Dr. Cowherd filming Park Hill In Depth (Library)

3:45 p.m. Drs. Cowherd and Redinger sharing New Coordinator information and update with district office changes

*All associate teachers, support staff and teacher assistants

4:00 p.m. Faculty Meeting ~ All teachers and therapists

Tuesday, April 21st

2-5 p.m. Local Director's Meeting (Angie out of building)

Wednesday, April 22nd

Springfield Early Childhood visiting

4 p.m. - Bridal and Baby Shower

Congratulations to Mrs. Desiree Boehn on her marriage; the upcoming marriage of Ms. Kidwell and the upcoming birth for Baby McCoy! Cake and punch will be served.

Thursday, April 23rd

10 a.m. PAT meeting in Blue Springs (Angie out of building)

1:30 p.m. Preschool Summer Curriculum Planning

4 p.m. Building Leadership Team rescheduled (due to kindergarten readiness night)

6-7 p.m. Kindergarten Readiness Night (all certified staff and lead PreK teachers required to attend)

Friday, April 24th

Super Cub Picnic - Celebration for meeting our PBIS goal! (see above for details)

Angie on vacation

1:00 p.m. EOYC Rehearsal (upstairs MPR)

3 p.m. - Tornado Drill