Colt Athletic News Letter

September 21-25

Getting Better

This week was a roller-coaster of emotions for the boys, and I'm sure moms/dads. We had some struggles on all levels but are continually getting better. In the end the 7th Grade A team was able to learn from last week's mistakes and understand the "NEXT PLAY" mentality with .26 seconds left. The boys fought back after being up 19-0, and then giving up 22 straight points, to win with .9 seconds left. Great Job Guys!

Game Results

7th CMS C vs Cross Timbers Middle - L 20-12

7th CMS B vs Cross Timbers Middle - L 20-13

7th CMS A vs Cross Timbers Middle - W 26-22

8th CMS B vs Cross Timbers Middle - L 14-7

8th CMS A vs Cross Timbers Middle - L 16-6

Players of the Week

As we try and give out awards for Player of the Game/Week, we may or may not give out one based on if someone earns it. We want the award to be special, and if no one in the coaches' eyes earns it, then we will not give out the award. The boys are to be responsible for the horse shoe all week and try and keep winning the award.

7th C Team Offensive Player of the Game - Gabriel Benavides

Gabriel scored a very important TD in the C game. His hard work is paying off!

7th C team Defensive Player of the Game - Rhett Regula

Rhett after being banged up in practice came out and caused/recovered a fumble for his team!

7th B Team Defensive Player of the Game - Kyle Smith

Kyle is on the field for most of the game and does not seem to tire. And when he hits you on defense, its like a ton of bricks! He also stepped up when we had some guys tire out at another position, and said, "I'll do it, even though its not my position." That is true GRIT!

7th B Team Offensive Player of the Game - Jack "Lefty" Stacy

Jack now is getting it done offensively as he did on defense. He leads his army on offense with confidence and the boys feed off of his leadership. He put together some great drives for the boys.

7th B Team Special Teams Player of the Game - Carson Feldman

Carson was noticed by all of his coaches for doing something that everyone takes for granted, and that is securing the ball on the kicks. He made some tough catches for his team that allowed us opportunities to get the job done.

7th A Team Offensive Player of the Game - AJ Smith

AJ showed his leadership when there were only .26 seconds left in the game and his team had just lost the lead for the first time all game. With two passes in only .17 seconds, he put an end to Cross Timbers hopes of coming away with a come from behind win with an awesome TD pass to Sean Fanning.

7th A Defensive Player of the Game - Cole Sheppard

Cole gave everything he had all game and recovered a blocked kick to swing the momentum back our way. Even in doing this for his team, he was knocked out of the game, but made sure he didn't give the ball up to CTMS. GRIT!

8th B Team Offensive Player of the Game - Eliot Hanson

When we had an injury to our center, Eliot gladly stepped in and said he would help wherever he could. That is true team first mentality. He kept us in the GAME and for that got our offensive player of the game award.

8th B Team Defensive Player of the Game - Caleb Kim

Caleb is quickly becoming a true force on his team. He went from a stand up player and we dropped him down to rush the backfield numerous times, and upon one occasion, the ball broke for a long run, and Caleb, from being on the line with a hand on the ground, turned around, and chased the ball down for a TD saving tackle. Takes a lot of Guts and Resolve to never give up on a play like that!

8th A Special Teams Player of the Game - Reese Delgado

Reese refused to give up this week, even when things didn't look good, he ran down and recovered an onside kick to give us a chance!

8th A Defensive Player of the Game - Evan "Freak" Wesley

Evan showcased what few players at this age have. Raw speed and strength. He harassed and abused the CTMS offense all night to the point they quit going to his side!

8th A Offensive Player of the Game - Kevin Swingle

Most definitely going unnoticed is Kevin's ability to get the ball to the QB every play. He has the most important job on the entire team. Kevin gave us the opportunity on offense ALL game long to have a chance to win, and that definitely defines player of the GAME!

Fundraiser Info

All Money and/or Unsold Cards are due today, Monday at the latest.

Monday 7th Grade C Team vs Carroll/B & A vs Coppell North

Monday, Sep. 28th, 4:30pm

1100 Bogart Drive

Colleyville, TX

C game starts at 4:30, every game after starts 10 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game

Tuesday 8th Grade Away game at Coppell North Middle School

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 5:30pm

120 Natches Trace

Coppell, TX

B team starts at 5:30, and the A team 10 min after the conclusion of the B