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Let’s have a little grass. Have you sampled any yet imobiliare bucuresti I shook my head. I had a piece of one of those cookies, but I really didn’t like it. Yeah. I’m not crazy about them either. This is different though. Guaranteed, you’ll like it. Slightly disconcerted, I decided not to express my opinion. Thanks, but I’ll stick to beer. Aw come on. Don’t be a party pooper. Live a little. Anyway, I’m adding some stuff that’ll make it so smooth you won’t feel stoned. Just mellow. What stuff? Hey, don’t look so worried. A little dope. One-hundred-percent safe, guaranteed. You’re not afraid, are you? I ignored his question, watching as he poured water into the bottom part of a strange looking pipe.

Different than the marijuana joints I remembered from college. Finishing his preparations, Eddy picked up the pipe and held a lighter over the end where he had poked in the mixture of drugs. Putting the tip in his mouth he inhaled, deeply, then held the pipe out to me. Come on, Johanna. What’re you afraid of? His eyes challenged. Riveted by Eddy’s gaze, my lips moved. My response not what imobiliare bucuresti I had intended. I’m not afraid. Then, slowly, my hand reached out, seeming to take on a life of its own.

I took the pipe, tentatively touching the tip to my mouth, while Eddy leaned forward holding the lighter over the pipe. Now breathe in deeply and hold for a minute. I expected the smoke to be harsh but, surprisingly, it was mild. I coughed only once upon exhaling. We continued the process of handing the pipe back and forth until, after imobiliare bucuresti about three puffs, I shook my head. Enough. Eddy inhaled a couple more times before setting the pipe down and leaning back in his chair. Mmm. Feel that? I sat rigid, apprehensive, bracing myself to be hit by an uncomfortable sensation.

Instead, I didn’t feel anything. After a few moments I leaned back, slowly allowing myself to relax. Lifting my face, I savored the feel of the gentle breeze stroking my face, ruffling my hair. Across from me Eddy looked like a big, lazy cat. He had taken off his hat and his hair, streaked blond by the sun, grew straight up from his head. Like a imobiliare bucuresti freshly mown lawn. Nothing centers your mind more than this, Johanna. A real Zen experience. Somehow, I don’t think of drugs and Buddhism in the same breath, I said, vaguely surprised by the sound of my own voice.

Well, I look at it this way. Whatever works and does no harm. Sometimes drugs do harm, though. You can’t deny that. Really? Drugs? Or the way they’re used? Anything can be harmful. Or good. Depending on imobiliare bucuresti the motive. Well I like to know what I’m getting into before I try anything. Are you saying you won’t until you know how it will end? I shook my head.

That’s not what I meant. Okay. What do you mean? A sense of confusion made me hesitate and, suddenly, I wasn’t sure myself what I meant. I guess I’m the kind of person who’s more cautious, I said, tentative, this time. Eddy got a faraway look in his eyes as if drawing words of wisdom from the air. Life is a bridge; walk over it, but build no house upon it. He looked at me. A Zen saying. I nodded, experiencing a flash of understanding.

You’re right. There isn’t any real security. Exactly imobiliare bucuresti yet most people spend their lives chasing after some kind of security that doesn’t exist. It’s all an illusion. So why isn’t this as real? This moment? All we ever have is the moment. Eddy’s words seemed profound and I kept my eyes on him as he handed me the bottle of beer, brushing his fingers against mine. He was right about one thing. I truly felt centered.
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