Full Flex Newsletter

Information for surviving Full Flex Days in the Fall

General Instructions for FLEX

  • Learners are expected to attend their CHS classes at the normal time.

  • All learners are required to go to the “Ending the Silence” presentation with their grade level. Please mark that on the google form. Rookies/Juniors will attend from 9:25-10:25 and Sophomores/Seniors will be viewing the program from 1:20-2:20.

  • There is an optional presentation on Diwali that I would encourage learners who have space in their schedule to attend. It will be from 2:20-3:20 in the media center. Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights.

  • Learners should prioritize seeing their “B” day facilitators since this would have been a “B” day.

  • Before you sign up for a facilitator on the Google Form, make sure that they are offering a session during the time you are signing up for. ALL facilitator names are listed for all timeslots on the form whether they are available or not.

  • Learners who sign up for a session and do not attend may forfeit their trust card. Learners who do not sign up for a class that they need to be in (example, you are failing and choose some kind of free time instead of seeing that facilitator) may also forfeit their trust card.

  • Seniors who have Northlake or need to get to work are not required to go to the NAMI presentation if it interferes. That said, I would strongly encourage even those of you with a release to be there. You could learn information that saves your life or someone else’s.

Google Form

Please fill out this form to share where you will be during the flex times.

Planning Form

Use this form to plan out your time. Paper copies of this form will be available in the media center after 3pm on 10/17/17

Spreadsheet of FLEX Options

Please use this spreadsheet to help you find what is available at each time.

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National Alliance of Mental Illness Presentation Information

This Wednesday, October 18th we will be hosting NAMI Dallas as they present information on mental illness to our staff (during our normal Wednesday morning professional learning time) and learners. Learners will view the presentation by grade level at either 9:25am or 1:20pm.

The programs that NAMI offers for school are titled Ending the Silence. We are participating in all levels of the program by also having a parent presentation on November 6th at 6:30pm. The Ending the Silence program covers different levels of information for different constituents. The learner presentation includes:

  • Mental health and awareness for high school aged youth
  • Presentation from a NAMI-trained team including a young adult living in recovery with a mental health condition
  • Teaches youth the early warning sings of mental health conditions and suicide
  • Provides resources and tools to help the youth, friends or family members who may be experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition

For more information, here is the link to the Ending the Silence information on the NAMI webpage: http://www.namidallas.org/ending-the-silence.html

We will have additional counseling support on hand the day of the presentations. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to principal, Steffany Batik or counselor Michael Kennington. If you do not want your learner participating, please contact Nancy Hinds so that she can let your learner's grade level advisor or networking facilitator know they will be missing the presentation.

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Diwali Presentation

One option you have for this day is to attend a presentation on Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. It will be in the media center from 2:20-3:20. Come learn about this important cultural event. Know a presenter who would like to share about other cultural events? We would love to include more throughout the year! Send contact information to Ms. Batik.