Newsletter from the Superintendent

Karen Wood, BTSD Superintendent, October, 2017

Barnegat Student Achievement Demonstrates Double Digit Increases in PARCC Scores

The Barnegat School District staff strives each day to delve into teaching standards, provide differentiation for our students, and meet the needs of all learners. We also provide support and engage students in meaningful and exciting learning opportunities. When teachers and students work collaboratively and with focussed effort the results can be impressive.

At the September 27 Board of Education Meeting, Mr. James Barbiere, Director of Curriculum and Instruction presented the district's PARCC results. Not only is PARCC now a graduation requirement (with a couple of alternate options over the next two years) but the district must also meet a participation rate of 95% or higher.

The Barnegat School District's goals are to increase our numbers of "4's and 5's" and decrease our numbers of "1's and 2's". This means that we hope to see more students "meeting expectations and exceeding expectations" and less students "not yet meeting expectations and partially meeting expectations". The good news is that we are moving toward our goals.

In reviewing PARCC data, here are some impressive results regarding the growth in Barnegat:

From 2015-2017 in Language Arts Literacy, grades 3-11: 5 of 9 grade levels reflected increases in "meeting expectations and exceeding expectations". This resulted in a 55% increase of all students across grades 3-11 in Language Arts Literacy.

From 2015-2017 in Mathematics (including Algebra I & II and Geometry), grades 3-11: 7 of 9 grade levels demonstrated increases in "meeting expectations and exceeding expectations". This resulted in a 67% increase of all students across grades 3-11 in Mathematics.

Lastly, in Mathematics grades 3-11 Barnegat students had higher gains than the state average in 7 of 9 grade levels. We were higher than the state by 27%.

To review full data results, please click here:

The Barnegat School District remains committed to academic growth and student success!

Grade Five Semi-Departmentalization Model Shows Promise in Barnegat

During the 2017-2018 school year our fifth grade students are experiencing a new model of instruction. For nearly eighteen months the department of Curriculum and Instruction, along with teachers and parents researched the new model. Research included visits to districts who currently utilize this model, surveys to elicit feedback, evaluation of models utilized, and analyzing curricular and standards alignment before implementation.

The new program allows for students to switch between two teachers rather than having the same teacher throughout the school day. This allows for teachers to explore the standards in more detail, further differentiating for student needs. It also allows more student independence and accountability, thus preparing them for middle school. The semi-departmentalization model also gives teachers the opportunity to teach subjects that they are passionate about and gives students the opportunity to learn from teachers with different teaching styles, further preparing them for the changes they will face at ROBMS.

Although it is early in the school year, feedback from students and teachers is promising. The department of Curriculum and Instruction will continue to monitor and assess this program throughout the year. Parent feedback is always welcome!

Strategic Planning Returns to Barnegat Schools

This Thursday, October 12th at 6:30 p.m. all parents, staff, community members, and students are invited to attend a Strategic Planning session hosted by the New Jersey School Boards Association. This open workshop is designed to elicit feedback from a variety of stakeholders to set goals for the next several years in Barnegat. Please consider sharing your ideas with the Board of Education and district administration.
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Bonfire, Homecoming, and our NEW Concession Stand are Here

If you have never been to a bonfire, "Barnegat-style", this year is the year you should attend! On Thursday, October 26 at the Elizabeth V. Edwards School, beginning at 6:30 p.m. the Barnegat School District will host its Annual Bonfire to kick-off homecoming weekend.

If that isn't exciting enough, come to our Homecoming Football game on Friday, October 27 at Barnegat High School. The game begins at 7:00 p.m. where you can see the amazing school spirit at BHS.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for our new concession stand begins at 4:45 p.m. however if that is too early for you, the new concession stand will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS during the game!

Bengal Athletics and Band Both Having an Amazing Season

It is not every school district that can boast both athletic and arts excellence but in Barnegat, we CAN! Although our Marching Bengals started the season strong, they had unprecedented wins this weekend at the Tournament of Bands competition. Our Marching Bengals took home Best Percussion, Best Auxiliary, a Spirit Award, First Place in Group 1-A and Grand Champion! They scored an 87.1 and received many accolades. Way to go, Bengals!

Not only alongside the football field are we having success. Just come to any football game to see our BHS team beating the competition! Our football team currently has a record of 4-1. We are currently tied for first in B South. This weekend Barnegat beat Jackson Liberty 27-7 on Jackson's turf!

Barnegat Athletics are also incredibly strong this year in Boys Soccer, Boys Cross Country, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Volleyball and Girls Soccer. We are so proud of our student's accomplishments on the field, track, in the gym, in music, and academic settings. Go Barnegat!

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A Note from the Superintendent...

Tradition in school districts is important to the overall impact on student achievement and school culture. What happens when established traditions or standards change? We can all agree that change is necessary to grow and our district is changing.

As I begin my last nine months as Superintendent in Barnegat, I am beyond proud to compose this newsletter, highlighting the many achievements we have attained under my leadership and in collaboration with various stakeholders.

The Barnegat School District will appoint a new leader at its helm and my hope is that families and community members hold your new leader to the same level of high expectation you have held me. It was under your expectations that I have been able to implement free programs for our students, embrace the needs of our children, and improve instruction in our classrooms ultimately resulting in student growth.

Please be reminded that school Board and Township Committee Elections are on November 7, 2017. When you choose members of our Board of Education, you are placing your faith in their decision-making and trust and support of the Superintendent. Barnegat High School has a tentative date set of October 19th for a Meet the Candidates Night where community members can learn more about candidates running for the Board and Township Committee. For more information, please contact Mr. Nichol at Barnegat High School. Remember that your vote counts!

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