Edmund Rice College

Deus Fortitudo Mea - God is my Strength


The college was established in 1926 under the banner of the Christian Brothers College, to provide a schooling system, whose focus was on educating Catholic boys. The college was later renamed as Edmund Rice College, after Edmund Ignatius Rice, a founder of the Christian Brothers. The first headmaster of Edmund Rice College was Mr T A McMahon. Three other brothers made up the rest of the staff, along with 105 pupils. In the beginning, many of the boys lacked in discipline and most didn't really like going to school. In 1952 Wollongong's first bishop, Thomas McCabe was particularly interested in the school and provided funds for much needed maintenance and equipment upgrades. Today, in 2015, the college has experienced much growth, both in student numbers and facilities. Currently there are 920 boys enrolled at college, with 47 teaching staff members providing quality education and opportunities for the boys, and guiding them in becoming compassionate, content and determined global citizen.

Liberating Education - Gospel Spirituality Inclusive Community - Justice & Solidarity


Being a school in the Edmund Rice tradition means that Charism is an important aspect in the education of young men. Compassion, liberation and presence were all burning desires of Edmund Rice and were what he viewed as gifts given by the Holy Spirit. It is these key elements that have provided the foundations of the Christian Brothers and Edmund Rice philosophy of education. Through this we learn more about how we relate to God and develop a deeper understanding of the worth of all people and the natural world.

Activities & Opportunities

Edmund Rice has many different opportunities, both academic and sporting, including debating, mathematics competitions, cooking, wood work and technology. The school also caters for those with talents in the performing arts, boasting a drama club and school band. There are several extra curricula options for students attending Edmund Rice College. One of my favourite activities is the World Cup soccer on Thursday afternoon. It's lots of fun and you get to meet lots of other students that you don't normally see throughout the course of the normal school day. There is an activity to suit every boy at ERC.

How our school is connected to the community

Being connected both physically and spiritually with our school and the wider community is reflective of Edmund Rice's charism. Therefore, community is an integral part of Edmund Rice College. The school operates a Christian Service Learning Program (CSL) that allows the boys to take responsibility and engage with the wider community by completing set hours of activities that challenge the boys and service other people or the environment. The College Board, which has members from both the college and the wider community, assist in distributing the values and objectives of the College to the boys and the public.