Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero

" Trail of Tears"

The Trail of Tears is a the trail that the Native Cherokee took when being kicked out of their land. The Cherokee were native to Georgia, but Jackson wanted to use that land so he tried to kick them out. The Cherokee protested and were able to take their case all the way up to the supreme court. Court agreed with the natives and said they could stay. Jackson didn't care and kicked them out anyway. The natives had to walk all the way to Oklahoma. By the end of the year long journey most of the natives had died off.

War Record (Battle of New Orleans)

Andrew Jackson became a hero after this war because of one good idea. That idea was to build walls to block themselves against the British. Sounds simple but saved thousands of American lives. The British had the best army and the U.S was bale to trick and beat them. The war ended with 70 dead Americans and 2000 dead British. But it was to late when they figured out the war should have never happened.

Spoils System

The Spoils system is basically a way to get a government job without putting in the work. Jackson told people that if they voted for him. they would get a government. Because this he won the election with about double the amount of votes he had gotten in the previous election. One problem is that he gave jobs to people with or without experience which led to a uneducated government.
This political cartoon basically shows how much Andrew Jackson over powered his position as President. Almost as if being a king which is what he is dressed as in this picture. In his hand he is holding a veto which is a power that he over used. He is also standing on on a ripped up Constitution. This represents how much he disregarded the rules and did whatever appealed to him.

positive letter

This letter is about the Battle of New Orleans. I am a solider that fought in that war and I will say that was amazing. I honestly was not expecting such a great outcome. The British now know to not mess with the U.S. That win was one of the best things that could have happened to boost out confidence.


negative letter

Jackson this and Jackson that,me and my people don't understand what is so good about him. All he cares about is winning and doing whatever was best for him not his people. I don't understand what the point of kicking us out. In all honesty nothing good came out of this decision. If you really cared about the people you would have understood how much of a stupid decision this was and that the court was right.

- Cherokee