The gilded age

By: Emma Wass

J. Piermont Morgan

J.P. Morgan was born in Hartford Conecitict on April 17, 1837. Morgans dad sent him to the English High School of Boston, a school specializing in preparing people for commernce. Carngie sold his business to Morgan for $487 million. In 1858 Morgan moved to NYC to join the banking house of Duncan, Sherman and Company. While Morgan was working he made hade many partners but he was always the main one in charge Moragn stopped the panic of 1907!

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847 and died on October 18, 1931 in West Orange, New Jersey. he once saved a 3 year old from a train. He invented over 1,000 things including the light bulb, vote recorder, phonograph, telephone, and the alkaline battery. He was in public school for only 12 weeks than his mother taught him at home. His teachers said he was "difficult". Many places were named after him including Edison, New Jersey, and Thomas Edison State College and

The Great Railroad Strike Of 1877

Railroad workers wanted more money, better working conditions, and shorter work days. The workers would go on strike, protests, and demonstrations. It all started on July 14, 1877 and ended 45 days later on September 4, 1877. The strike started in Martinsburg, West Virginia because the Baltimore and Ohio railroad cut wages for the third time in one year. 89 of the 364 railroads, went bankrupt in the years leading up to the strike.18,000 businesses failed form 1873-1875 and unemployment reached 14%.

Union Pacific

President Abraham Lincoln approved the act that started the Union Pacific. The company was incorporated on July 1, 1862. They were incorporated under an act of congress called The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. The act provided construction of the railroad form the Mississippi to the Pacific in an act to preserve the union during the war. The company declared bankruptcy in 1893 but emerged on July 1, 1897. The railroad was important because it made it so people could get across the country faster and safer than before.